David Cook Leads American Idol Charge in Omaha

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He's not related to Kristy Lee Cook.

Unless you're simply going by the impressive audition and rumor that he's made it to the top 24 on this year's American Idol, just like the aforementioned early favorite on the show.

But David Cook has a fresh look and sound, as proven last night when he turned Bon Jovi's classic "Livin on a Prayer" into his own, unique serenade of the judges.

It worked. Simon, Randy and Paula all moved David on to Hollywood, anointing him as the only serious contender from an otherwise lackluster group of auditions in Omaha.

David Cook wants to be the next Chris Daughtry. It's early, but: so far, so good.

As American Idol auditions move to Miami tonight, we yearn for a better crop of singers and/or weirdos. Last night didn't have enough of either.


david ur most talented winner ever!i love u and u will have 2 do a gig in dublin.xxxx


DAVID COOK FTW!!! vote ur hearts and fingers out tonight!!!!


To All Cookies, Please vote for David Cook. DA's fans can vote non stop for their idol, we cookies can do it too.....for our David Cook! He wants to win this and only we can make it happen. Vote! Vote! Vote non stop for David Cook! Let David Cook be the American Idol & lives his dream. See what Cookey says on AI website:-
What do you think gives you the edge in this competiion?
DC: I don't know if I have one, but I know that nobody can say they've worked harder for this or have wanted it more than me.


OK...so where did this guy come from?...UNBELIEVABLE!!! The voice, the song arrangements he chooses, the look. Everything is so absolutely perfectly perfect...I am in love! Damn!


Hi, my two year old son is guitar playing David Cook fan...he tells everyone that he loves American Idol and David Cook is the best. Every performance has been great, but Lionel Richie's, HELLO, was unforgettable, when David sang it, it gave me goosebumps! I wish him luck in this competition, no matter what he will be a star. I'll be buying his c-d's!


I am a 42 year old mom who loves Idol and I knew from his audition David would excel. He has the potential to be an awesome rockstar , If he makes the right kind of choices, he will someday be the classic rock my kids are listening to when they are my age!


David ur the next american idol i love u and please come 2 dublin!


I want to take this guy and eat him up like a hot gooey chocolate brownie. He is so delicious. David, marry me baby!


I'm jealous of the chick who went to high school with David.
By far the best in the competition.
Lacking charisma?
I think not.
Did you see the half smile and wink through Eleanor Rigby? Charismatic. AND sexy. Very sexy.
The one thing that has been overrated about him so far, is the mention of Daughtry. There's no need for comparison between Chris and David-two very talented (good looking) men.
Good luck David, though I'm sure you don't need it. :)


I love David and he is soooo sexy

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