Dana Jacobson to Jesus Christ: F%$k You!

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Kelly Tilghman has company in the world of inappropriate announcers.

ESPN anchor Dana Jacobson was reportedly intoxicated at a celebrity roast in Atlantic City for colleague Mike Golic. As a Michigan alum who disliked Golic's university of choice, Notre Dame, it was only natural that Jacobson would rant:

F--- Notre Dame! F--- Touchdown Jesus! F--- Jesus!

That last part was especially harsh. It's resulted in a one-week suspension and the following statement from Dana Jacobson:

"I am sorry. My remarks about Notre Dame were foolish and insensitive. I respect all religions and did not mean anything derogatory by my poorly chosen words. I also deeply regret the embarrassment I've caused ESPN and Mike and Mike.

"My actions at the roast were inappropriate and in no way represent who I am. I won't make excuses, but I do hope I can be forgiven for a poor lack of judgment."

Somewhere, Valerie Begue doesn't see the big deal.


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Think I spotted her with Mike Maddow from MSNBC


its a roast people say dumb things thats how its meant to be


Good for her. I agree completely; f ND and its overly influential alumni who get their crappy football team on TV every weekend. Enough is enough. And Christians are certainly not hurting power wise as they run some of the most powerful nations in the world—so please...chill.


She's just nuts. She might have been though called "christ killer" a bit too many times when she was young.


We all need to pray for Dana Jacobson's soul. Because one day VERY SOON SHE WILL STAND BEFORE JESUS CHRIST AND THEN LETS SEE WHAT SHE WILL CALL HIM...
She should be fried at once...I would never watch anything to do with her...and I will spread the word about her to everyone I know...


What ever happened to freedom of speech? She is allowed to say anything she wants - if you believe in the First Amendment!! And, BTW, she NEVER said F*** Jesus...it is all a bad rumor. Rather than casting stones, be smart enough to educate yourself on what she said first. And, if you don't like what she said or ESPN's discipline for it, don't watch her or ESPN. Problem solved!


Nikki - Jesus did exist - that is a historical fact. Whether you believe he was the Son of God is what is debatable. Terrible analagy.

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