Cora Skinner: Brody Jenner's New Girlfriend

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Brody Jenner and Cora Skinner, his new girlfriend, are happy together. She has even met mom and dad!

Don't look for her on The Hills anytime soon, however.


"She's met the parents. She's part of the family. But no, she's not on the show," Jenner, 24, told People.

"I'm choosing to keep her away from being on The Hills because that would bring a lot of conflict and drama to the relationship [of myself and] Lauren Conrad.

Lauren Conrad, who turns 22 on February 1, was the last girlfriend to receive an enthusiastic thumbs up from Jenner father, Olympic star Bruce Jenner, and his wife, Kris Kardashian. Yes, Kim Kardashian's mother.

Despite any possibility of a reality show conflict, Brody Jenner conceded, "[Cora Skinner] may just do a little guest appearance."

But the 22-year-old model is no stranger to the camera, having appeared in Maxim, Playboy's lingerie catalog, and on CSI: Miami.

However, camera shots aren't the kind that interests Brody.

"My family comes from the South. I love a girl who can hold a shotgun," he said of the pair's skeet shooting outings. "I don't know what it is. But a girl that can hold a shotgun well. ... that turns me on."

And what does Cora Skinner (click for more photos) like about him?

"My bedroom style," Jenner says.


You people on here that are supporting Brody and his whore seriously need to stop. You probably don't even know who we are all talking about. He is not a respectable human being and you all know it, so stop playing around and acting as if you like him because that is bull! He totally sucks!


I think Lauren should forgett about brody. he is just a player and i hope cora knows that he is going to play her just like he did lauren. i thought that was wrong what he did to lauren i think lauren is the sweetest girl and she deserves better.


okay...brody is obviously the type of guy who does not know what the word commitment means...and im sure whoever reads this their reaction is "DUH!". i mean my god...cora whats her face as oppose to lauren conrad? what the hell does brody actually see in that chick?! with a chest and an ass like that..she doesnt need a personality..shes too focused on looks. lauren's totally got it all from looks to personality. but of course any girl that throws theirselves at brody..he's gonna take! that shows total insecurity about sure lauren's going to give up on him and she should. F that!


OMG Brody you are such a dumbass for not making it work with Lauren she is so much better than Cora your an idiot you will see what you have lost


Oh andd one more thing. You're gonna be hated for a while.


wtf brody? I use to be a huge fan but your a complete ass for screwing things up with Lauren. I mean honestly? Lauren is smokin hot and a sweetheart,


I think she's OK, but she's a whore for posing like a whore in whore pictures on the internet. Classless trollup!


Seriously people... How does she look like kim Karadashin?? bc she brunette??- Kim is fat... google this Cora girl. I wish I had her body- its perfect..
I love LC but come on with the jealous comments.


Darker hair, bigger lips and she could pass as Kim Kardashian's long lost twin!! Oh wait, Kim is Brody's step sister... OK, that's just WRONG!! Please tell me I'm over thinking the fact that Brody might have some kind of twisted desire for Kim. I mean, she's hot, but she's his step sister. Yea, that's just wrong...


Im sorry but EWWW! Cora is soooo UGLY Her nose is huge! Honestly I cant even imagine she models! Sorry Brody but you made a mistake. Good luck with the dog face!

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