Chris Crocker: Don't Leave Britney Alone!

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With a single September YouTube sob-fest, Chris Crocker became an androgynous Internet celebrity. In fact, this teenage Tennessean became a worldwide sensation and was pretty much the only thing people talked about the day after Britney Spears' infamous VMA performance (or implosion, more accurately).

But while Chris Crocker became famous to his YouTube appeal for celebrity gossip sites to "Leave Britney Alone!" - his opinion has changed in light of Britney's meltdown last Thursday and Friday.

Britney Bikini Shot

"I officially retract my statement," Chris Crocker told the New York Post's Page Six. "Britney needs to not be left alone right now. I think if everyone left her alone, she could do some major damage to herself."

Chris Crocker's' concerns that Britney will harm herself echo her fans' fears that their once shining star is in real danger of burning out.

We're talking Anna Nicole Smith style here.

"The people close to her, they need to step up and help her at this time. Rally together and do what they can to save her life," Chris Crocker said.

We're guessing he didn't have Dr. Phil in mind.

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hey chris if your reading this you inspire me 2 be proud of who i am




well i click u good bye!!!


no my mother says its wrong.


do u ever f#@!kin curse!


ok im not gay and i work at a strip club. im so sorry.


i hate ur f#@*kin rite speakfull language!!! plus chris croker nos how to deal with relationships that dont work out for no reason. he says: "if ur having problems talk it out, if u cant talk it out, then, just split like a banna" so i would listen to him because he nos every thing about gay love. also he has a cheater quiz so i posted for in as u and it shows what ur girlfriend is doing behide ur back. so chris said: ur girl friend is a sluty bitch going behide ur back to work at a strip club, shes not gay.


why babe we were doing so well????


i think we should break up


wat is it babe.