Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Fergie vs. Katherine Heigl

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One recently got married, the other engaged.

One used to have a problem with crystal meth and peeing on stage; the other still has a problem with keeping her mouth shut.

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

The parallels don't end there. They both wear hideous coats!

At left, Fergie heads out of her hotel in a Juicy Couture coat last spring, while Katherine Heigl goes shopping in L.A. in her windowpane jacket.

Money and fame apparently can't buy style.

Anyway, here they are. Which babe wears this look better, the Black Eyed Peas singer / solo artist or the Grey's Anatomy actress?


Katherine Heigl!! They both look cute though.


I think Fergie looks better


HELLO!!!! katherine heigl looks better! geez! fergie is one of the ugliest people i have ever seen.... i guess we should ALL say THANK GOD FOR MOVIE MAKEUP AND RETOUCHING because the united states' population would've been thinned out if everyone seen fergie without the globs of makeup! katherine heigl could wear clown shoes, ratty pj's and pink hair around on the streets and she would still look better than fergie! BLAGH!

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