Carly Smithson: A Second Chance on American Idol

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American Idol spoilers were partially correct:

An Irish singer with a professional background wowed judges during this year's auditions and will be advancing to Hollywood. Her name however, is no longer Carly Hennessy.

Having gotten married since she appeared on Idol's fifth season under that moniker, this crooner is now known as Carly Smithson. Nevertheless, she was still signed to a recording contract in 2005 and put out an album called "Ultimate High."

''Everything's been like right there in front of me â€" I just haven't been able to hold on to it,'' Smithson said, tearing up, after she was approved for Hollywood, adding that she planned to ''work really hard'' to advance in the competition.

Following Smithson's performance on American Idol season five (during which visa problems led to her disqualification), Paula Abdul told Kristin Dos Santos of E! that the "gorgeous Irish singing sensation" would "blow everyone away."

Now, she has a second chance to do so. Do you think she deserves one?



i think carly is very pritty and talented she is a natural bueaty




100% yes.. She is a great singer and the World needs to know that. GOOD LUCK TO HER. She has my vote..


absolutely not. She should be removed from the show righht now and replaced with someone who is not a pro and is looking for the break of a life time. She had hers and blew it.


She should not be on there at all...what is interesting is that there are federal laws surrounding attempted fixing of a game show (which Idol is). I think that if you did a background of all of the idol contestants, most of them (including the fake and insipid David Archuleta) have had plenty of chances to make it.
Idol should not be a depository of people that need a second chance with their flagging careers.


Absolutely not. There were so many hopefuls that did not make it through that should have, she had her shot, and the experience and sure everyone deserves a second chance, but 99% of these people never even had their first!!!! Unbelievable, but no worries, I am sure that most people feel the same way, and will not vote for her. She will be gone the first couple of rounds.


I think she is awsome. Making it in the music world is hard to do. So maybe her first record flopped because the people that signed her on didn't know how to promot her talent. I have never heard of her until now and I am sure not to many other people have heard of her either. Leave her alone she is great.


Carly Smithson: A Second Chance on American Idol
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I don't think it's fair for Carly or any other "pro" to participate on AI. She's a professional, a recorded artist.. give someone else a chance. And, it's AMERICAN idol.. not World Idol. Don't they have similar competitions in other countries??


Absolutely not! This competition is supposed to be for amateurs -- not professionals with a recording contract already under their belt. If she lost her recording contract, what makes it alright for her to try and get another one through AI? She's had her chance. For whatever reason, she blew it. She's taking up a spot that someone else could have who is just as good, maybe better. I love her voice and think she's a good singer -- but this is not supposed to be a competition for pros.

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Carly Smithson is an Irish singer who tried out for American Idol - and released an album - under the name of Carly Hennessy. She's... More »
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