Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey Struggle to Find Nickname

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There's no debating how good looking Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey are together.

The two are seen here outside the premiere for McConaughey's new movie, Fool's Gold. They're also expecting a baby in the next few months, one that may rival anything Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry churn out in terms of sheer beauty.

McConaughey Clan

But the life of these stars is far from perfect: they lack a viable nickname. McConAlves? AlConaughey? Mamila?

They all lack the grace and sensibility of Brangelina, Zanessa or even Kurban. Therefore, celebrity gossip followers, the couple needs your help:

Send us your best nickname for Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey. We'll pass it on to the pair and see if it sticks.

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c'mon, she is not all that. she looks good in this pic, but looks just ok in all the others. i think she lightens her skin, too, b/c she is pretty dark in most of her other pics (i'm assuming that's her natural color). matthew was better off with penelope...or even me, shoot.


Oooops, I left off...... CayMac or MacCam


How about MacAlves or Cay-May


They won't be together long anyway, Hollywood has a way of making sure of that. My suggestion for a nickname is: Camatoughey




Okay, why come down on him so hard. It takes two, and he has dated many women that were quite responsible. They should have both been protected, but ultimately, she is a pro model and was trying to get into acting (showbiz) she should have been extra careful not to let herself get pregnant. What is great to see is he is ready to take responsibility and accepts this blessing. Being new parents is very difficult, scary and emotional but very rewarding. I wish them well, and yes God bless them in their journey into parenthood. i pray for a strong, healthy baby for them and all who are expecting. Born again christian or not, have faith and God will be there for you always. Peace and love...
Mattila is growning on me. Do they really need a nickname?


matt mccalves




Well, I was thinking of this "Camcon's"
I think they are a great looking couple - and I wish them the best. "DJ"


I believe MaCam sounds good. Short and sweet like their baby.