Brooke Hogan: Coming to Reality TV!

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Brace yourself, reality TV fans.

Hulk Hogan was recently asked about his scary daughter, Brooke Hogan. Will she continue her singing career? Here is the Hulkster's reply:

Photo of Brooke Hogan

She's singing. She auditioned for "Dancing With the Stars" yesterday. I think she may have her own extension of "Hogan Knows Best."

Please tell us those shows will at least bar Hogan from wearing chaps.


We are facing a historic election, a need to develop alternative energy, corporations moving their jobs to third world countries where workers can be further exploited, a war built on lies costing thousands of American lives as well as even more Iraqi civillian lives, Republicans worried about same sex marriages and wanting to further destroy the environment and keep America addicted to oil by drilling off shore and this is what television offers us. A talentless bleach blonde wannabe
who wouldn't have gotten the time of day if not for her dim witted father. Please get her, Flavor Fla, trading spouses, I love money. survivor, the Kadashians and the rest of this nind candy off the air. Give us meaningful and insightful televison. Thank god for the off button.


brooke hogan is the best and here singing is no awful it so cool you rock


What The F*** Is This? She Looks Ugly Breh! I Thought It Was Her Mum At First...
Awful, Absolutly Awful,
Her Career Is Just Diabolical... Nobody Hears From Her Anymore, She's Crap At Promoting. Useless!

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