Britney Spears on Lockdown For 72 Hours; Meltdown Caused By Psychotic Episode, Not Drugs or Alcohol

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Britney Spears went "completely psycho" as she was rushed to L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Medical center late last night, sources very close to the embattled singer, who has been designated a "special needs" patient, report.

"They had to strap her down to the gurney like a mental patient and she was going between laughing and hysterics," a hospital source tells Us Weekly, calling it "a total psychotic breakdown. She just went crazy."

Sources at the hospital are now reporting that Britney's meltdown had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol, as was originally believed. They say it's mental and that what went down last night was not unexpected.

Life & Style claims that Britney tested negative for drugs and booze. A source told the magazine, "Her blood test just came back, and, thank God, it was clean. There are no traces of drugs or alcohol of any kind."

Because Britney Spears is in Cedars-Sinai's special needs unit, staff are monitoring her around the clock. However, the source said when they got the call to monitor the singer, "none of us wanted to go sit with her." Shocking!

Britney Spears will be on lockdown for 72 hours.

LAPD Officer Jason Lee said Spears appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance after she was taken to the hospital on a gurney following a bizarre, nearly three-hour custody standoff. No injuries were reported.

Once in the ambulance, paramedics could be seen trying to strap her legs down before taking off. Britney Spears was admitted to Cedars-Sinai and placed on a "medical hold" - essentially an extended mental evaluation.

Reports also say Britney Spears has not slept or eaten in days.

Says a Britney Spears pal: "She has good and bad days - it's mental instability. All she has is to think of something sad and she goes crazy."

You think?

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will be in front of the court at 8:30 PST requesting Britney's visitation rights for Sean Preston and Jayden James (already limited) be revoked altogether.

Story still developing ...


Do none of u people realize how hard it has to be to give up ur babies to a man that u thought loved u, but instead parades u through court only to disploit ur every weakness. Brit freaked because she knew it might be the last time she would have custody of her kids! I don't know about u, but I know that I would probably freak too!!!!!


Rich Girl Meets Bum + Rich Girl Marries Bum = Bum Brings Rich Girl Down In The Gutter


I am so sorry to see this but I am so glad as well.
As much as this very upset girl may be released too soon, it only takes minutes for the blessed to reach the id of the needful. I am certain one of those angels in that hospital will be the wise one.
I am sure she or he will be the least expected to touch this child - but they will. You will see - God does not sleep.


.. and now u ust sit back and watch another great one bite to dust.. ust another fallen star in the history books...yeah, come on, lets judge here, becaus we all know how to live our in a glasshouse... If it had been your mother, daugther or cusin you've been suporting and helping.. but as she's a famouse person everboady ust tries to make here life ust a little bit worse.. shame on u.. I hope u are cursed whit bad karma for all of your days.


everyone needs to look in a medical journal or website and read about bipolar disorder...brit fits the exact textbook definition and if she had some great psych drugs might be able to function normally


- you're so right AJW. some one of her enablers will get to her soon enough!
- hate to say it Jana but she invites a lot of this with her constant attention seeking and conduct


she's at the age when people are first diagnosed with schizophrenia. there is obviously something mentally unstable about this woman.
hopefully, they'll be able to help her now.


It's sad, but this mother does not give a rat's arse about either of her kids. This one is on the Anna Nichole path to the dirt hole. if hse does get clean she will have to live with the anguish of losing 2 possibly 3 children. She surrounds herself with yes people and enablers. Why not they are reaping the benefits of her fame!
She needs to be locked away, but one of her "handlers" will spring her after 72 hours!




this is not funny. we all love our gossip but this poor girl is in need of desperate help. my thoughts and prayers are with britney, her children, and her famly.


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