Britney Spears Drives Around, Makes Inane Comments

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That family intervention needs to happen real quick.

In full-out British mode Monday night, Britney Spears asked a celebrity news photographer where his "f**k buddy" was and told him "gay videos are in."

So is gay bashing, evidently. Check out the video of this.

British Britney Spears: Friendly, but not politically correct.

Then, late last night, Spears gave another celebrity photo guy the death stare (from behind sunglasses) after he dared try to open the car door for her.

Wearing her trademark pink wig, Spears was seen at Rite-Aid at 5 a.m. When asked about her new car - the one Sam Lutfi allegedly made her buy, then got pissed when it was reported - she said, "Oh, it's a rental."

A rental, she says. Too bad we can't rent out the space in Britney Spears' head. It's clear that there's not a whole lot going on up there these days.


Why does Britney suddenly have all of these shady arab men around her?


You guys are so naive. Britney thrives on the attention that she gets from the paparazzi. Did you know that she messages them before she leaves the house to tell them where shes going? Why do you think she makes so many trips to the gas station? She needs an excuse to get out of the car and get photographed. She has essentially created her own reality show, stemming off of her old one, 'Chaotic'. She practilly has her own economy and is the #1 searched for person on the internet. Now if someone were really smart, they would dedicate an entire cable channel to her. Bill Gates would have competition.


I pity the media that has to write about this all-time lowly low crap. I will never read her news again.


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