Britney Spears Arrives, Flees Courtroom; Visitation Nixed

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Britney Spears has been shut down again in her attempt to regain some sort of visitation rights with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

There are no changes. K-Fed has sole custody. Britney has no visitation.

Britney arrived at the courthouse - at the hearing she requested - and proceeded through the metal detector ... but then had a change of heart and didn't want to go inside the courtroom. It's like deja vu all over again.

Spears' lawyers had requested visitation in a "therapeutic setting" - under the treatment of medical professionals - but that was never likely.

Especially since she never showed. The Court noted Brit's absence.

Sam Lutfi drove the singer to court from the Beverly Wilshire hotel, where she had shacked up with Adnan Ghalib. Her beau Adnan left separately.

Britney Spears likely has some sort of bipolar disorder, but has repeatedly defied court orders to undergo a medical evaluation.

Neither Spears nor Kevin Federline is required to attend the hearings.

They arrived separately at the downtown Los Angeles courthouse Wednesday. K-Fed was seen entering the courtroom, but Spears had already left.

Spears, 26, lost visitation rights indefinitely following a psychotic meltdown earlier this month after a four-hour custody standoff with police.

On Monday, she was questioned for 45 minutes by Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan in what the lawyer called a "gut-wrenching" deposition.


Leave Britney alone!!!!!! I think that people forget she is human! This girl has been in the public spot light for most of her life, she is entitled to have a melt down, especially with regards to her children. Anyone who would like there most humiliating life experience made public; raise your hand….I didn't think so. Hey that is the price for fame, but keep in mind; she didn't start this life style. The mom should have paid more attention to the mental development of her child than the social life, look at the other daughter, pregnant, so young. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PARENT? EVERYTHING!!!!!!! WOW what a mess. Britney if you ever need a real home, a place to escape, my home is always available. We all need to give her some privacy and some time to heal, and find herself. She is strong and determined, lets give her our support.


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