Britney Spears & Adnan Ghalib: New Pics Emerge

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New photos have been released that show Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib together the day the star was released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

The two are not saying whether they are a couple, but CelebTV spotted the duo sharing a lollipop and relaxing in Santa Barbara on Saturday night!

The celebrity news site also has exclusive video of Adnan - who is married - and Britney holding hands and kissing while making a Starbucks run.

In the photo below, a smoking, pants-less Spears and Ghalib are sharing a lollipop and getting cozy on the deck of a Southern California bungalow...

After they both headed indoors, Britney Spears was spotted again, still wearing no pants but having donned what appeared to be a different T-shirt.

Who the heck knows what they are up to. But a source at Finalpixx, where Adnan Ghalib works as photographer, confirmed that he and Spears have been getting closer, but would not go as far as to say that the two are dating.

"I know, but I can't say," said the celeb news source with a laugh.

They have become companions lately, that's for sure, prompting some to speculate that Adnan is using Britney and plans to sell pics of them for millions.

Sources say his pics suck, though, and he hasn't gotten a good offer.

And, speaking of using Brit, at least Dr. Phil called off his plans to.

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what is he doing??? he is MARRIED??? and muslim (I am also muslimah so i just want to be clear that I am not starting a religious debate) but i wonder what his mother thinks of his behavior? and how he can live with himself for the adultery and manipulation..The whole situation is disguisting...


Wish u best both of them,
And hope Adnan would be a helping hand for her in this difficult stage of her life...


britney...well, shes had a lot of pressure on her since a young age, people are expecting too much from her, give her a break she is human after all,
and adnan needs to back off too, shes trusts him and his going to break her trust,

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