Britney Spears: A Night of Shopping, Drinking and No Pants

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There were no ambulances involved, no shrieks of hysteria, no locking herself inside a room with Jayden James.

But Britney Spears still enjoyed a wild evening last night, one that involved dinner, shopping and an utter lack of pants. Let's review the time line, courtesy of Us Weekly:

7 p.m. The singer and celebrity gossip hound/boy toy Adnan Ghalib eat dinner at Gaucho Grill in Sherman Oaks. Britney chows down on two beef empanadas, grilled salmon, spinach and rice and a Coke. She also contributes to a slow death by puffing on a few cigarettes.

11 p.m. Sam Lutfi makes an appearance! Police pull he and Britney over for speeding, but no ticket is issued.

Along with Lutfi, Spears â€" in a crotch-length spangled green dress, ripped fishnets and her double-breasted corduroy pea coat â€" hits up Ralph's supermarket, exiting with two carts of groceries.

As Team Crazy leaves the store, Britney answers questions from a slew of entertainment news journalists. Some examples:

Q: Britney, what do you want to say to Adnan on TV?
A: (Thinks for a second) "I think he's a nice person."
Q: What was the result of your pregnancy test?
A: "I never had a pregnancy test."
Q: Britney, what are you going to do now? Go to college?
A: (sighing) "Oh, I wish I was in college."

Two random dudes approach and ask why Spears is the anti-Kim Kardashian: "Britney, you don't like black guys?

"Yeah, I like black guys," she says, laughing.

2 a.m. Spears, Lutfi and another friend visit L.A.'s Kitson boutique. The store was closed (it was 2 a.m., remember), but opens just for Brit and company. Spears walks out about 20 minutes later with three shopping bags.

2:20 a.m. The crew drives one block to Kitson's Men's store. Spears leaves wearing a men's pin-striped shirt and black skinny tie, her hair in a messy bun. Pants? Nowhere to be found.

2:25 a.m. Spears is spotted sipping on an orange beverage, acknowledges that it's a screwdriver and drives off.

Time to sleep until noon and start the process again today!


britney spear is wrong she nedd to stop being a
drugiy and start takeng care of them kids because when they grow up they gonna look at their mother like a crackhead or a bom because thats what she acting like . and britney should look after her sister jamie lynn because of what britney did jamie lynn went out and got pregnent so britney be a mother and a sister and the best u can be and dont be a hoe


Begging for help! People don't fall apart in the public eye unless they are to afraid to admitt their problem or to confused and overwhellemed to even know what the problem is. Does no one in her life have the courage to sit down and say you are going to end up dead unless you reasse you life and make some positive changes!


screw whoever hates on poor brit.. she has probs, everyone does, but shes different because she has MONEY. pray for her ]:


Britney spears is just an IDIOT! But at least its good entertainment watching her hit rock bottom.


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