American Idol Spoilers, Rumors: The Top 24!

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Fact: The top 24 American Idol contestants were selected this week.

Rumor: The following is a list of those finalists, according to one show source. How do you feel about these choices (some of whom are yet to audition on an episode)?

Top 12 Girls
Asiah Epperson
Alaina Whitaker
Alex Lushington
Amanda Overmyer
Amy Davis
Brooke White
Carly Smithson
Joanne Borgella
Kady Malloy (pictured)
Kristy Lee Cook
Ramielle Malubay
Syesha Mercado

Top 12 Guys
Chikeze Eze
Colton Berry
Danny Noriega
David Archuleta
David Cook
David Hernandez
Garrett Haley
Jason Castro
Jason Yeager
Luke Menard
Michael Johns
Robbie Carrico

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No doubt about it DAVID COOK all the way, He has it all....


Gia's comment about Syesha is racial and cruel!
I can't believe you would make such a hurtful comment to someone because of the color of their skin.
Syesha is a talented Woman who deserves to be in the finale. She sang from her heart, took criticism with dignity and fought for her place every single week.
She's my Hero!


Syesha has only made it this for one reason - she's black and they always have to have a token in the finals. She has NO talent, is irritating to watch and should have been long gone but I guess she was better than the other black women.


what is the rumor about paula from last night


this is wrong there is 10 people now not 24


I wish Amanda stayed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She rocked my socks!


Why does the camera always spin around Michael Johns when he sings????!?!


Both of the Davids left could be the last guys standing---I think a guy will win this year...Carly is really good and so is Syesha!!


David Cook.................That is your next American IDOL!



American Idol Quotes

Brooke White's tears come from the authentic, good soul that she is. Her heart was breaking because she was overwhelmed with the experience she had with the show and the gift that it brought.

Paula Abdul [after Brooke White was eliminated on season seven]

I read some of this online this morning and just for the record, the rumors — they’re not true. She’s part of our family and we love her.

Ryan Seacrest [on rumor of Paula Abdul being drunk on the show]