American Idol Alumni Update: Katharine McPhee Dropped, Carrie Underwood Kissing

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We can only hope finalists from the upcoming season of American Idol provide us with as much news - and beauty - as Katharine McPhee and Carrie Underwood.

We're sad to report, though, that McPhee has parted ways with RCA after just one album, a 2007 self-titled CD that debuted at #2 on The Billboard 200.

The album has sold just 366,000 units in the U.S. Fortunately, Katharine still has Nick Cokas to go home to every night. We think she'll bounce back.

Meanwhile, Underwood has finally come clean about her relationship with Tony Romo. In the latest issue of Women's Health - which Gossip Girl star and current Carrie boyfriend Chace Crawford may wish to avoid - the singing sensation says:

"He was not my boyfriend and we were never dating. The more I screamed ‘We're not dating!' the more headlines claimed that we were a couple or that I was crying because he was out with another girl. We're really good friends, we hang out a lot, and we're close… well, friends smooch occasionally."

We wonder how Jessica Simpson feels about this.


Great at what Ray? I am a big Katharine McPhee fan, but even I cringe at the misteps she has taken. Her window of opportunities is quickly closing shut.


I've noticed that Pattispage follows the news on Kat and has the same remarks each time she comments. She cannot get creative enough to change her comment. Pattispage, we are all laughing at your post!!! You really do need to get a life!! Kat is doing just great!


We love your posts, pattispage. They're hilarious. They keep us howling with laughter. Especially since you've been posting exactly the same thing multiple times every night for the last week. You're a loon, but you don't know you are. If it wasn't for this girl you'd have nothing to do with your life, seriously-----and isn't it funny when you realize that in the end, all of your efforts haven't swayed one person's opinion or made a difference of even a single record sale or download?


I am crying so hard right now reading that she was dropped by her label. Her career is obviously over as I know her movie career is going nowhere. Her boyfriend is ruining her career and marketability and I'm just sick about this.


Patti, you really do like stalking her don't you? Why do you feel the need to comment everywhere her name is mentioned? I think you know more about her than her fans do and that is disturbing.

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