Adrianne Curry Lays into Britney Spears

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If there's one person who knows about raising children, it's Adrianne Curry.

No, wait, she knows about being annoying and posing nude.

Britney Down Under

Either way, this former winner of America's Next Top Model posted the following on her blog, regarding Britney Spears and her recent breakdown:

"Spears is a f-cking trainwreck... Someone take these children the fuck away from this woman! She needs help in every which way. The CHILDREN deserve better. She loves herself and her problems more than she cares about her own children.

Sadly, K-fed isn't Dad of the year either. Didn't he leave Shar Jackson for Spears when Shar was knocked up? Then, didn't he barely see his children while he jetted around giving Brit Brit the pole?

Those kids deserve a stable life. When Britney gets sober one day, I bet she will completely agree with me. Get help, save your children, and PLEASE, GET THE F-CK OFF MY TV! I am tired of seeing a strung out addict.

Come back when you can function."


ya know honestly...
the kids do need a stable home.
and britney sure as sht can't do that, at least right now.
maybe they need to go off with some family that will take good care of them until their mom stops freaking out.
adrianne was just speaking the truth, even if it was kinda blunt.


who are you to point the finger at anyone?you may not have children,but on tv you act like a spoiled child,unlike you britney has been in the spot light for a very long time,she has grown up in the public eye.I feel sorry for britney,she may not be making good choices at this time.there is a lot of ,what is going on in her life that goes on every day with non-celebs it just doesnt hit the press.I think britney should buy a private island,take one close friend and get out from under the public eye for a year.Im suprised the poor girl can use the bathroom without it being photographed.
adrianne,your show gets on my nerves,you could use a couple of tips from miss manners you a rude bitch!!!how did you make top model?maybe your constant whining did it for you.


First Brit Brit I don't think is on drugs! I think she has alot of growing up and learning to do she needs education and also learning how to except the word NO!! When you become a MOM you your kids start to come first before everything else. It shouldn't matter how much money you have. I think she loves her kids but in her on time kinda way. She should probably leave LA for a couple of years and find out who she is and what she wants.

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