Adnan Ghalib and Britney Spears Married?!?!?!?!?

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Nothing about Britney Spears would surprise us anymore.

Unless she got married to celebrity gossip photographer/boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, that is.

While the following photo isn't evidence of that union becoming a reality, and while we can't find news about it anywhere online, we can report that Britney is wearing the same wedding dress for a night out with Ghalib this week that she wore to marry Kevin Federline.

Girl has some serious mental stability issues.


all pashtuns are ethnically afghans , dumbasses


Let me to clarify the word Afghan,pathan or pashton. Afghanistan is the land of the Pashtons or Pathans and every pashton refer to himself as an Afghan.regardless of which flag is flying over the land of his birth and the word "Khan" is refered to pashtons of India and pakistan western women such as Priness Diana ,or spears all fall for Pashton men because they are handsome, manly and have big sticks in their pants....LOL


he is not afghan!
1. he dont look anywhere close to afghan!, his skin is more darker
2. his name sound urdu, or hindi
3. his style is way off 2 be afghan
4. he dont even have that afghan accent!
5. if his pathan, than he is 100% paki, because we afghan people say pashtun not fukin pathan!!!! bosnian 4 lifee


dude who cares if he pakistni afghani or arab and its not arabs that can have four wives its muslims that can if they can support all the families and all the wives are okay with that but that was a long time ago now no one has more than on wive there and dont correct me because i used to live in jordan bitches.


Adnan is a pashtun of Pakistan not afghan. nor arab. 100% pure proud paki guy. LOL


Adnan is Afghan, you faggot - not a paki. He's a Pathan, and the word is very-much synonymous with Afghan.. Plus, paki's are punjabi.. Adnan is Afghan-born and of the Afghan race, not a dirty pakistani punjabi. End of story.


Adnan is not Afghan he is from pakistan


omg and plus the guy has a wife!


i honesetly dnt think his afghan his name isnt a common afghan name n it dsnt sound afghanii. i think he is paki.he luks more paki den afghan aswell..nnn to that CC in our religion as much as i knoo they say a man can hav up to 7 wives but he has to treat them equally.n to that narges chick hunn it dsnt matta weather u afghan or arab not a cultural thing its a religion thing..sooo dnt giv out the wrong impression on any natio =]


yo bludz...britney and adnan are propa twats so fuk yu allllll ahahahaha.....b63 4 lyfeee yeeee!!!

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