A Tiffany Pollard Sex Tape Rumor, Photo

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Would we be surprised is there was a Tiffany Pollard sex tape? Not even a tiny bit.

But that doesn't mean we'll automatically believe a story that claims the reality TV star better known as "New York" is the woman depicted in the grainy image below. A bit of background on the rumor first:

Bringing the Bling

Media Takeout claims a reader met up with Pollard at a Miami night club a few months ago, took her home and videotaped the naked encounter.

Whether or not New York was aware she was being made to emulate Kim Kardashian is as unclear as the following photo of the supposed video:

Some believe this is a shot of the New York sex tape. What do you think? Try to compare it with a clear image of Tiffany Pollard:

Pollard chose George Weisberger (aka "Tailor Made") to be her mate on I Love New York 2. He won't be overly pleased if, as possibly pictured above, another man is doing her doggy style.


Everybody dats sayin dat thats not her need 2 quit...everyone knows how New York is...you shuldve excpected this...its not that serious comin from someone like new york...you already seen how she had sex with flav on season 1...and the person thatmade that comment about her titties, fyi, in this picture she is havin sex with mr boston which was before she got her breast done..so...and shes not cheatin on tailor because mr boston was in the picture first...yall all sound real dumb..because i saw the tape and that is new york!!


thats so not her! that whore doesnt have a tatoo on her tit so ya thats not my girrl NY




New Yorks boos are way bigger than that girlz...not here!


New york you are cheating on tailor made you are stupid that is her dont lie


That is NOT NOT NOT New York, New York is my girl, I been watchin her on TV since she was on Flavor of Love and I love New York, I know her face and her VOICE, the female on that tape does not sound like New York and her face is too fat to be New York, yall need to stop it!!!!


SOOOOOOOO WHAT....... Tiffany got a sex tape so they say. Tiffany gets no points here, she had enough shine on VH1.


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