A Miley Cyrus Body Double Scandal

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Thankfully again, this is not a Miley Cyrus nude photo scandal.

Or even a supposedly racy Miley Cyrus picture scandal.

Miley and Her Bike

Instead, the young singing sensation is faced with a body double scandal. Huh?!?

While millions of fans have forked over years of allowance money to see the star perform her Hannah Montana concert live, not all are pleased with the results. And it's because not all songs are actually sung by Cyrus.

Check out the video below (around the 2:30 mark): it's evident Miley uses a body double during one song so she can make a costume change.


Understandably, this act has upset at least one fan in attendance.

"When it got the to bridge of the song "We Got the Party," her dancers began to crowd around her. Then they covered her with a black sheet and she went through a secret door. Within a second, a new 'Hannah' came out of a different door wearing oversized white glasses," a concert-goes said.

The same fan added:

"The whole time this was happening Miley's vocals were still playing. It was obvious that the song was being lip-synched. The new imposter had her back turned from the stage while she danced trying to hide that fact that was not Miley Cyrus."

"I paid good money to see the concert. I was disappointed and I felt like I was played for a fool," the angered fan concluded.

We wonder how Priscilla Ceballos feels about this development.


Just leave Miley alone. I mean i am one of her biggest fans. SO stop with this already. I respect that she needs time to change. If your a fan and get mad over this, you must like her very much. She needs time to get ready at some point. What part do you want it to be....During See you again. She couldnt do that. Just leave her alone. I bet shes already sad that most fans of hers know about it. Look If i ever had a concert i would need time to change. Dont hate Miley just because shes doing something thats important and has to be done. I know some of you are mad about it but dont be. Just respect Miley that she needs to get ready for the next song. PLUS MILEY DOES NOT LIP SING. SHE DIDNT AT THE CONCERT I WENT TOO. AND YOU CAN REALLY TELL. SHE WAS BREATHING AND EVERYTHING DURING SONGS. DONT BE SO RUDE OKIE. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL. SHE HAD TO DO SOMETHING....IF SHE DIDNT IT WOULD RUIN THE CONCERT. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT TO HATE ON HER ABOUT. GOSH JUST SHUT YOUR FACES AND LEAVE HER ALONE.


Miley Cryus is a talentless bug eyed freak. She can't sing worth a crap, and she's only famous because of her father. She is the ugliest creature I've seen in my entire life, and don't get mad because I speak the truth.


She had to get changed, not the untire song is lipsynched, would you rather wait around and pick your butt while she took her wig of and changed her clothes? NO BIG DEAL!


i was at the concert and while it was just one minute of her body double it was still wrong. just think the whole song was lip sung it i know that it isnt that big of a deal but it is still wrong


Um. Why exactly wouldn't it matter if she was lip singing or not? No one would like spending over $800 to see someone lip sing if that was the case they could have done it themselves. I personally think that is dumb. I understand that if something happened to Miley that she should be able to use a body double, but other than that it's unnecessary. Seriously if it was only for one song it's no big deal. This so called "scandal" raises a lot of suspicions for me. I mean how do i know that she is real now? I'm starting to think about her authenticity. She might be a fake. I mean she's from disney. Zack Efron lip sang his way through high school musical so i wouldn't put it past them. Also, she switches accents when she's talking. She goes from Hannah to Miley and they are two completely different people when they sing. So yeah maybe there is reason to believe she is a fake, and maybe this body double accusation proves it. I don't know.


ok, why is this such a big deal... what else do you want her to do? Would you rather wait for like ten minutes, watching the backup dancers do something stupid and crappy? It's not that bad, just cut ther girl a break...


omfg, it's not even a big deal.
so what the vocals were still playing?
it's not like she lip synchs the whole concert.
it's all live besides that part and that's only because it's her body double.
stupid stupid people.
a lot of people have done this before, it's nothing new.
and they just had to freak out about it now.


Oh please! The song was almost over, and it was for like a minute while Miley got changed. Not a big deal, people!!!


well...a little magic while performing never hurts any1...it just pisses the fans off


well the imposter is one of her dancers.
im good friends with the dancer that was being hannah for like one whole minute!!
i had to pay to go to the concert but i really didnt care for a few min. miley wasnt there.
damn she had to get her wig off.
other wise everyone would have had to wait 10 min.
you guys are so retarted.
just leave miley alone.
she's not lip singing the whole concert.
and she had to change an outfit and get the wig off.
wtf you must just be very cheap to care about this.
RETARDS. And if she didnt then she couldnt have taken the wig off and they couldnt do the movie called best of both worlds.
because that would only be one.
gezzz worry about your own CRAP.


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