Zac Efron Makes Waves

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On the set of his new movie, Seventeen, Zac Efron sports a new, wavy hairstyle.


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    hey! ok. listen! it is totally a wig kuz if you look at the day it was taken and a picture from the day before day its short and the next day long. im sorry people but hair dosent grow that fast. I thought it was real and i scremed but i looked at the dates it to is like 2 or 3 days later and realized its just a wig and i started laughing. and i truly am a #1 fan kuz i saw him at a store one and followed him home and snuck into his house. so....what now?


    Ew!!! he looks like a girl. Doesn't he?


    Ew! it looks disgusting times ten!!!


    OMG! zac... wowies.


    omg zac! What have you done to your hair?! It was so perfect and now it's so hideous! Mel says she doesn't love u anymore but Shay still thinks you're flippin' HOT!!!!! Oh yeah, and if you care you have the same birthday as my dad.


    Well every1 i think he looks hot. In my Eyes he will always be a hottie no matter wat his hairstyle is lyk or even wat he's wearing.Even tho he is wearing a Wig and will u IDIOTIC PEOPLE GET IT IN UR THICK HEAD (exept The people hu are brainy enough 2 no its a wig!!) so its a wig ok and i bet none of u are gonna marry him not even me ok gd. And nt all of u are his biggest fan i mean...cum on i bet theres 1 girl or maybe 2 love him so much and have done sumthing none ov us have lyk sneak in his dressin room now thats a true fan but we all think were his biggest fan while none ov us here are unless any of u have done anythin extreme lyk that ok. GD


    it looks cool but a way it looks funny but the last sentence in the artical is probalbay not true

    and in bed vanessa hudgens would probably add NOT TRUE


    he looks soooooo cute but funny in a way


    Okay, I'm his Biggest Fan, And I think his hair looks awesome, because he is awesome and it what matters on the inside!


    ummmmm look i wont to marry him i hope that is a wig or sumink cuz i think it makes him look like a gggeeeekkkkk welll dont yaw think so to i mean if u like that ur just plain crazy man it look s like hes had a perm and i no perm my mums a hair dresser it looks mank but i guess he thinks the same to so we shouldnt say anythink about it i bet he wonts his normal hair back aswell i mean its not up to us to say wot he looks like its up to him wt he wonts i mean hes got cash burnin in his pocket he will have wot he likes SO THERE!!!!I SAID IT YAY ME CLAP CLAP!!!!!DUBLE YAY!!

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