Who is Casey Aldridge?

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Who is this mysterious, shaggy teen who got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant?

A good question, but apparently he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Condoms aren't that difficult to figure out. But anyway, we'll move on now.

Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears

There is very little known about father-to-be Casey Aldridge except for the fact that he has been Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend for a over a year now.

Casey Aldridge has blonde hair and stands six feet two inches. His father, Mark, works for a local paper mill in Cleveland, Tenn. His mother, Joyce Aldridge, confirmed the pregnancy to TMZ. Casey met Jamie Lynn Spears at church.

Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears: So happy together.

Casey should probably get himself a good lawyer (we hear Mark Vincent Kaplan is awesome), as he is 18 or 19 years old (we've read both) and Jamie Lynn is 16.

We've daydreamed enough about Hayden Panettiere and done enough research to know that's potentially a pretty big legal problem Casey has on his hands.

If you know any additional information about Casey Aldridge, we urge you to contact us so that The Hollywood Gossip can inform the hungry masses.

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You know Jamie Lynn is a smart girl (after all she DID wait a year with that Casey of hers .. Brit wouldve done this the first week if she could find someone as commited) she will not abort the baby and thats good because keeping the baby is the right thing to do. she is human . it is a big deal that she got pregnant but whats done is done. she has to step up her maturaty and raise the kid. and hopefully she knows that.


damova, wtf is that 'sposed to mean. most teenagers that age are having sex; jamie & casey were just unlucky she got pregnant from it. as for anyone saying 'omg she's so young' some of the best mothers i know have had accidental pregnancies at 15/16, it does NOT make you instantly a bad person, destined to be a bad mother or anything else. jamie and her baby will no doubt have a close bond because of the closeness in age. i know i would've loved my mum to be closer in age to me so there is more understanding, instead of the 33 year age difference. i wish jamie and casey all the best, im sure the kid will be great and they will both be happy. a baby is not a bad thing, neither is being a young mum.


How is she a hoe, when they have been together over a year? Most of you asses probably sleep with 2 or 3 guys a week and can't remember your first, or have no idea who the father of your kids are!!! You losers are pathetic!


You idiots spend to much time worrying about what other people do.


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(you) (caseys dick)


hahaha ur gonna get BIG! and FAT and CHUNKY. ur gna turn out to be rATHER LARGE. KISS UR CAREER GOOD BYE. JUS REMEMBER FAT BIG LARGE CHUNKY!!!!!!!


ur fault u got knocked up. they should change the name of ur show to HOEY 101. bleheh


I <3 cheese fries.


i dont understand y she had sex with him runs in the family first Brittney and now Jamie


and just because casey aldridge is now famous.
whoever pretended to be him on this, he doesnt have to have perfect grammer
and im sure that a 18 or 19 year old guy dont talk like that.

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