Vanessa Hudgens Tells Zac Efron to be a Man

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The world already knows Vanessa Hudgens is a woman. A series of Vanessa Hudgens nude photos assured us of that.

However, the High School Musical actress is reportedly worried about the manhood of her boyfriend, Zac Efron.

In Japan

According to Star magazine, Vanessa has told Zac "to stop being such a sissy and freaking out when he gets blemishes." Moreover, Hudgens "wants to date a man, not a little girl," and "doesn't want to share makeup with her boyfriend."

Well, who does? Except Victoria Beckham, that is.

Alongside Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron smiles for the camera, as he freaks out internally over the state of his hair and the scent of his body lotion.

Need an example of Efron's feminine ways? He "just flipped out" said a source, and nearly bailed on Vanessa's little sister's birthday, because he had a pimple on his cheek.

Wow. We can't even imagine Nick Jonas acting that way and he's young enough to be covered in acne.

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duude she is not jealous!
she is comming out with a brand new movie called WILL!
and just because he starred in high school musical and hairspray and miracle run and stallion and now 17 again and fooot loose
okay you got a point


Hey vanessa hudgens this is ivan i know u dont know me but i wuld love 4 u to write bak so we can talk whoever reads dis send dis to her immediately


Urgent please read: i know this world is ful of experiences like dis so y should we treat vanesa diferently den al the other thousands of people who do it now im not saying we should wory bout other peoples mistakes but were all people jus like zac efron sure he may overreact but jus think how would we react if we were famous i know i jus c vanesa on tv but from wat i c is dat shes mature, sophisticated, beautiful and hardworking dats it i hope i get to meet u one day p.s:i sent u those flowers


A luk ididnt know ur world carried dat kind of stuf but it jus goes 2 show dat everyone in dis world is and i dont know u personaly but i am no 1 to judge u so wat makes u diferent 4rm all other thousands f people doin it nothing ur stil a person so keep yo head up and dont let no one bring u down and hopefuly me and u wil meet somewhere someday. o and about zac we shouldnt judge him bcause how would we act if we were famous even though he does overeact p.s: please read dis comment


i dont think Nessa would say that 2 Zac...n'even if she did ,who da hec knows if she meant it or not??? ...stupid SOURCE


I'd prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:


I think she is just jealous because he has had more major movie roles like Haispray.


i doubt she said that, and why do all you gossip sites hate her apart from Just Jared shame on you. i think their both great and gorgeos who cares if he wants to look good.


i love patrica im lesbian patty u wanbna date me ill hump very good dont worry


I'd prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting!