Tony Parker Files Lawsuit Against Celebrity Photo Agency

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Simply stating that he has never met Alexandra Paressant isn't enough for Tony Parker.

The basketball star has filed a lawsuit against X17, the celebrity photo agency that posted articles and text messages alleging that he cheated on Eva Longoria shortly after the couple were married.

TMZ has obtained the suit's documents, in which Parker claims X17 defamed him: "X17 had to know that the story was false, or at the very least, it had to have entertained serious doubts about the credibility of its supposed source."

X17 was not shy in stating that Alexandra Paressant had "an affair with Mr. Eva Longoria and that the two carried on a secret relationship for about two months."

Tony Parker is taking action, filing a lawsuit and basically saying: "I've seen Eva Longoria nude. Why would I cheat?!?"

According to the lawsuit, Parker is especially baffled that the company did not try to "verify the information with Mr. Parker, Ms. Longoria, any of their representatives or....anyone else who might have knowledge of the truth or falsity of the allegations."

The suit seeks $20 million and adds: "Tony Parker has never had sexual relations with a woman named Alexandra Paressant."

Now, if only John Edwards would follow this example and file a suit against Rielle Hunter, it might go a long way toward clearing his name.

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Why would Edwards sue Hunter? She's not the one making the claim, the Enquirer is. She's denying it too. I'm no lawyer, but if Edwards sued the Enquirer, wouldn't he have to submit to a paternity test?