Tom Brady Takes Favorite Receiver Out to Dinner

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Sorry, Randy Moss. Tom Brady thinks Gisele has a softer pair of hands than you, and is probably even more agile and limber ... if you know what we mean (we don't)!

Brady, the stud quarterback of the New England Patriots, led them to a perfect record of 16-0 this NFL season, while breaking the individual record for touchdown passes.

Smoldering Gisele

But seriously, knocking up Bridget Moynahan, only to leave her for Gisele Bundchen almost immediately after, has to stand as Tom Brady's top achievement of 2007.

Brady and his supermodel girlfriend Bundchen, below, enjoyed a fun celebration dinner together with friends at a New York City restaurant on Sunday night.

That's one fly tight end behind Tom Brady!

"Everyone is going to enjoy this one," the possible best quarterback ever said after the Patriots' 38-35 victory against the New York Giants Saturday evening, which clinched a perfect season for New England. "It happens once every 35 years."

More impressively, however, we're guessing Tom Brady sees Gisele Bundchen nude at least once every 3-5 hours. Now that's a scoring record to get excited about!


My husband is aculltay my 4 year old's stepfather. He considers Camryn 100% his own. He disciplines him, praises him, and treats him no different from our child we have together. I wouldn't have it any other way. The difference is that Camryn has never really had any contact with his biological father (not by my doing, but by his father) and doesn't know the difference.I think it is good that Giselle loves her stepson as her own. My stepmother did the same with us growing up and I have alot stronger of a relationship with her now than I would have if she had just treated us like a visitor/imposter. Now if Briget has no qualms with that then it is great if she does then let them figure it out. At least the child is loved and not just used as a pawn to get back at one another.


I have something to tell Tom Brady: "There's always a BAD karma." And to the stupid Gisele Bundchen: "U're just like a piece of TRASH. Victoria's Secret is so damn stupid to be hiring a stupid woman like u! U don't even have boobs. U're completely anorexic, u even look like a man! I'm sure u don't even have brains. Stupid bitch!"


They make a beautiful couple ..
Seem happy!


omg i luv u tom now take me out 2 dinner like that theres a bit of an age difference but i dont care gisile u r the luckiest gurl in the world


Tom Brady is a pimp go knok up some more chicks kid!!!


Omg! Tom Brady may be cute, but I hate him. What kind of a person dumps his pregnant girlfriend for somebody else?


Sweet, this is definitely worth working hard towards the perfect season. They look like a great couple.

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Gisele Bundchen Biography

Beautiful Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen is a very super model from Brazil who has been in crazy amounts of Victoria's Secret catalogs and magazines - as well as... More »
Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Full Name
Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen Quotes

He really, genuinely doesn't have a bad bone in his bod. And he is a very positive person.

Gisele Bundchen [on Tom Brady]

I work in fashion but I'm not really a fashion person. I don't follow trends. I couldn't tell you which designer made that shoe or that bag. I like jeans.

Gisele Bundchen