Tiffany Pollard: Not Pregnant... Yet

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Hollywood gossip circles have been buzzing with the possibility that Tiffany Pollard got impregnated by a contestant on the second season of I Love New York.

After an interview with fans, however, it doesn't appear as though there's a frightening bun in Pollard's oven. At least not yet.

Pink Wigging Out

Responding to a fan's question about pregnancy, Pollard replied:

"There's something that's going on with me right now and...uh, I'm almost ready for mommyhood. I'm really nervous and I can't believe I just said that, but there's something starting to tick in me.

And you know, I'm only 25, I'll be 26 in January, and I'm almost to that point where I can almost see myself being a mommy, like, real soon! So I think that's next."

Wow, Tiffany Pollard as a mother. We didn't think it could get any scarier than Britney Spears or Nicole Richie.


I just don't believe any man in his right mind can get a trashy person like Taffany pregnant. I mean she has know game at all. Everything about her is fake. She is a liar, she is very very loud a hoodrat. Taffany runs her month to much. She does not have heart, and she is a hater. A lady is suppose to be classy of somewhat. Learn to mind your own business. Nobody needs your help in anything. To all real men please beware of trash and stay clear warning!!!!


h3y tiffany i realy think you are g0in 2 be a real g00d m0mmy.


Girl, you made the right and smart choice by picking tailor maid.I knew you was going to pick him.I am your biggest fan and let the haters keep hatin


hey new york, i must say im a real fan of ur show, i would really want 2 have some of ur man george. i think i'll make a sex tape with him.... watch it, im a horny ass bitch


u go girl and dont let these haters get u down


New York is too fine even for TV. She is absouloutely gorgeous, I mean damn I aint never seen no girl as fine her. Tiffany if you're reading this call me. My name is Moises.


She is a racist just like her mum. I think she has a background complex. Big one. We always laugh about what she represents.


She needs to get some self-control before bring a child in this crazy world. You would be just like her mother. That is not good.


I am sshocked that shes not pregnt yet and when she becomes a mommy with George I think they'll both be excellent parents Me and my best friend have seen NewYork 1and 2 and flavor of love 1 and 2 and wanted you to win on flavor of love and we think you and george will be really good parents I AM YOUR #1 FAN


I met her in person. She was very sweet and nice besides the fact that she had pimples all on her face caked with makeup and not to mention her breath smelled like ass, she was okay.


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