Tiffany Pollard is Tailor Made

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We don't know for sure if Tiffany Pollard is pregnant.


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    i love you


    I think there a good match,they deserve each other. Shes a old smoking hag with fake hair and everything. Damn i thought shed caugh up a furball a couple of times. As for the guy she picked hed make a great drag queen. She surley didnt want a man. Im sure she will back for another season. And what about her mom OMG the apple didnt fall far from the tree.Its good to see ulgy people together. Tiff has to be the biggest loser ever to seen on tv.Weve reached a all time low there, YUCK


    Tailor Made is so ugly and Budda mush more sexy than he is. Budda's got the muscles with tailor made dosen't!!!Well New York hope u don't marry that ugly thing!!!!!!!1
    Good Luck


    I don't think New York should of picked Tailer Made because he isn't going to let her go anywhere on her own,Althougth Budda would even stay with her for even a month!I wish she should of keeped Punk around!!!


    I don't believe the two of them will get married. I don't know how he can say that she's the girl of his dreams. She cusses like a sailor and she's no beauty. He, on the other hand is hot, hot, hot. I like the way he looks. he knows how to dress whether casual or classy. He's got it all. I wish I had him.


    I am so glad she did not choose Buddha because he is a loser, jerk, ass, and he was very rude to New York. Good luck with Tailor Made and plus he is hot, and sexy so their.
    Congradulations on the engagedment.


    tailor made is so lucky to be with a girl that can give him an her what they are looking for.


    Lol. The ending was so damn rigged. Tailor Made even started shaking at the proposal to make it all seem real. Come on...If a guy asked me to marry him after only a couple of weeks of knowing him....I hit the floor running...away from him. But of course shes not going to run...did you see the size of that rock? Gold Digger. Both of them.


    Whole thing is fake and they will never actually get married.


    I feel for NewYork because she seems not to know what she want. I mean Tailor Made is good for her, but Buddha is made for her, because he wasn't taking no crap from. good luck NewYork in your love life.

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