The Hills Spoilers, Gossip For Bonus Episodes

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If you like to read The Hills spoilers or wanna know anything that's going to happen in the eight "bonus" episodes of the hit reality TV show, well... TOO BAD!

Sources say that villainous Scouple pencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - astonishingly - are still very much together and not even trying all that hard to hide it.

Spencer the Caveman

In fact, here is a nice picture of Spencer and Heidi outside Koi - ironically, acting anything but - following Monday night's epic season finale of The Hills.

Sources have also said that the pair is currently playing along with MTV's "reality" while supposedly shopping around a new, Spencer and Heidi-only reality show.

Additionally, insiders have revealed to Perez Hilton that there will be some big shake-ups on The Hills next season. Namely when it comes to Teen Vogue.

"Teen Vogue doesn't want to be affiliated with the show anymore," a source tells Perez. "But they're not obviously going to say that on the show."

Reportedly, Lauren Conrad is going to "think about quitting" and struggle with that for a few episodes. On a related note, The Hills producers are also trying to figure out what to do about Whitney Port and her full-time job at the magazine.

Other reports say that Whitney Port has been trying to get a spin-off show of her own, and while we would love nothing more, we simply can't believe that.

As for Audrina Patridge, well... we don't have any good Hills spoilers or gossip that involves her. Nothing, guys? Anyone hear anything about Audrina? Hello?



yeh i agree dont let them too have a show..all they do is moan and give out about other people.
lauren is always the nice mature one looking at thing in the nicest way but the most realistic way too. she always gets caught in the middle of everything cause of her fake stoopid ex bestfriend heidi and her ignorant selfish boyfriend !!
jst leave her alone.
gooo laurenn !! xXx


i know that i wouldn't watch a show about heidi and spencer!!! honestly MTV.. don't waste your money!!!!!!! while it is dramatic, i really could care less about spencer, his whore of a sister, and his delusional girlfriend,or fiance,, whatever heidi is this week!!!!!! i have been a huge Lauren fan since her laguna beach days and i would love to see her happy because it makes some of us girls, who are not always lucky in the love department, have a role model!!!! i dont' believe she went to the extremes as heidi for ditching her friends for a boy,, and we all should have known what heidi was..... look at how close she was with kristen at the end of season two at the fashion show on laguna beach.... forget heidi, spencer and the rest of those losers.. and yay Lauren!!!


Heidi and Spencer are the two most back stabbing people I have ever seen on a show before. What they did to Lauren was so RUDE! I can't believe that any person would be so evil as to do that to someone who was supposedly her best friend, AND THEN LIE ABOUT IT TO HER FACE!
I hope Heidi and Spencer have a great life being fake. And I hope Heidi realizes that Spencer does have a Homeboy phone and a phone for all the girls that he cheats with.


Heidi, How can you be so smart in appearances and be so oblivious to the fact that Spencer is a Control Freak, a Loser, a manipulater and eventually a wife beater? You should RUN away from any relationship with him or promise me a "Sorry, I should have listened" apology if you survive. Spencer has nothing to offer anyone, especially you!


Leave Heidi and Spencer alone. They love each other, who cares. Seriously, Lauren is a judgmental person who got jealous of their relationship. She didn't have a problem ditching friends for Jason, but when she was ditched, she thought she was better then that. I am more interested in watching Heidi and Spencer's relationship evolve, then watching Lauren bounce from guy to guy. So hopefully they will get their own show and prove that they are a serious couple, they love each other and they don't care about Lauren's immature relationships, her tapes or anything that involves her. Lauren just makes her drama up. anyways that what i think

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