The Ashley Tisdale Nose Job: Before & After Pics

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Is it possible to look more natural after plastic surgery than before? It appears that High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale, 22, may have done just that with her nose job. Check out these pictures of Ashley Tisdale before and after ...

Back 2 Blonde

Ashley Tisdale nose best? Here's how her recent "job" turned out.

Claiming that it wasn't solely done for the sake of vanity, Ashley Tisdale stated that she got the plastic surgery to fix a deviated septum - the same excuse used by Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and others for goin' rhino style.

The Hills' Heidi Montag, on the other hand? She just wanted to look more like a typical Hollywood bleach-blonde tramp and get her sort of pretty face onto more magazine covers. Just ask her - she'll probably admit it, at least.


looked so much better before!
now she just looks well weird Old Ashley Tisdale hotter than Vanessa Hudgens. New Ashley Tisdale no where near as hot as Vanessa Hudgens.


She looks so better before..


i would like if the new nose will come off like Michael Jakson


she looked pretty after she is sodumbto do that.ugly ugly


WHY?? gosh Ashely you suck!! you looked better before and you don't have to go around getting plastic surgery! you're now one more disappointment.....


its not different


it wasn't an she's got other problems too like she can't grow any fatter or any taller than what she is and she also has back problems. She told us that she would never have plastic surgery if she didn't have to, but this was 4 her health.!!


oi u funk slag ur u luk propa ugli wiv dah nose lyk michael jackson but hez betta lukn dan u.....u hoe umkisses miley cyrus on da lipz u had naked opicz of ur self of ur self on da internet u lesbian i swear man fix ur self up ur sooooooooooo ugli and y act lyka bitch on high school musical right stuck up cow arent u? u dnt even luk nyc on magazinez or anyfn ................haah u need 2 have a complete make over u prostitute


omg!y did u have 2 change ur nose u should of kept it hw god made it 4 u nt change it u lesbian u kissed miley cyrus on da lipz dnt u have a boyfried u slag!and wat have u got naked picz of urself on da internet itz shamefull


you look horrible with the nose job your biggest ever fan abigail p.s: you look like micheal jackson.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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