The Ashley Tisdale Nose Job: Before & After Pics

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Is it possible to look more natural after plastic surgery than before? It appears that High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale, 22, may have done just that with her nose job. Check out these pictures of Ashley Tisdale before and after ...

Back 2 Blonde

Ashley Tisdale nose best? Here's how her recent "job" turned out.

Claiming that it wasn't solely done for the sake of vanity, Ashley Tisdale stated that she got the plastic surgery to fix a deviated septum - the same excuse used by Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and others for goin' rhino style.

The Hills' Heidi Montag, on the other hand? She just wanted to look more like a typical Hollywood bleach-blonde tramp and get her sort of pretty face onto more magazine covers. Just ask her - she'll probably admit it, at least.


WAY better with her brown hair ( since it is her origonal color) and her new nose looks better on her too


Much better before.
I've seen a lot of pictures with the new nose.
It's awfull ,she seems like an old woman at 60-70 years and i liked her a lot before (sorry for my english)


so what you are saying is that you are a slut nicole...


omg i cant beleave she would do that she was better as a blodei i asked my guy friends and they all said that they would go out with her before and trust me i have alote of guy friends.


She looked way betta wit out the nose job! N0w she looks like she mad she did the n0se job


Ok.WTF? People are saying she looks different is because of her hair color. And possibly she did get it for medical reasons. So fuck off if your going to be like that.


you people are so sad ripping the shit out of the way she looks .. whys it your business wat she does just cos shes famous. morons


So it is told that Ashley Tisdale popstar and actress couldn't breath through her nose? So she had people perform a nose job on her. That's what some people say, but we haven't got the story straight yet. The other side of the story says she just got a nose job; thats all. Well in my case her nose was perfectly fine before, if the second side of the story is true. ~lucy blyth
from website 'Gossip On Camera'


Did It Hurt? LOL


I liked her nose b4 she got it done because its to pointy now. she also looked better as a blond.


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