Tameka Foster: Black Women Hate Me!

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Tameka Foster isn't satisfied to sit back and raise her baby with Usher quietly.

Instead, everyone's least favorite wife of a celebrity is speaking up again in Essence magazine, responding to her negative public perception:

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We [black women] don't like ourselves. If I were Hispanic, Usher would have the sexiest wife alive. If I were mixed, he'd have the sexiest wife alive. But he has a black girl, and it's like, ‘She's horrible and she's ugly!'

OK, maybe I don't fit the cookie-cutter standard - 25 and a size two - but this is who he loves. There are women getting raped in Darfur, young girls being turned out every single day right here in Atlanta. We have bigger issues to worry about than two people in love with each other.

This may be true, but at the end of the day, the United States doesn't care about Darfur because its economic and political interests aren't threatened.

Usher is a national treasure, however.


I am hispanic n i flew,with usher n my 2 daughters in a plane. He was nice, n respectful too. He,loved my kids,2 he is awesome. Shocking


hey what on earth is wrong with black people,love is not about being physically beautiful,besides upon all the the so called beautiful stylists usher worked with tameka is what he chosed cuz to him tameka is the most beautiful woman on earth.tameka you are cute,and hey live your life and dont concentrate on all those losers.


What a thing to say... Their are millions of absolutely gorgeous darks skinned Beautiful Black Women, However Tameka Foster is not one of them.. Even if she was light skinned she still would be ugly... Usher just has bad taste in women. What about Gabrielle Union?? And the list goes on and on…
Sorry Tameka that your such a big fat loser that got lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i see exactly what she is saying. why can't we just support the fact that he married a black woman! we need to start thinking about sending out the right image as a race!


This is ridiculous. Why should it concern anyone who the man dates? Maybe I have an issue with this because I am not from a celebrity oriented culture. We tend to place more value on other issues that we deem more important such as education etc. I personally do not see why it has any bearing on anyone in this forum. None of you are close friends with Usher and or his family and so his life does not directly affect you. I must agree with Mrs. Raymond to a certain extent in that we are pre-conditioned to subscribe to a highly Aryan influenced sense of beauty. Fairer complexion and hair that is "less African".


OKay, Mrs. Foster or should I say Raymond this man has a crush on you. What is a crush, let me tell you. A crush is knowing that when he thinks about you he smiles and when he hears your voice he gets chills of joy. This is him saying and knowing that you and only you are all that he is. You are what completes him inside and out. It's a joy that no one else knows but you and him and no one can break that. So to all you haters let these two be, they wanna rase there family in peace. SO LET LOVE LIVE HANG IN THERE MISS LADY


Wow African American women jealousy aside...we white women would never hate on ouselves like this nor allow others...i think its a deeper issue of self loathing & if you feel y=this way now what happens when you grow up a bit (50 or 60)...is it the end for you?


He is with who he is with. I am happy he is with a black girl. And so what if she is older. He happy. And he got a baby boy because of it. She is right, if anything black women should be supporting her. But we are the main ones hating on her. Probably because they wish it was them, PLEAAASSSSE!
he is happy, they are happy that is all I care about. And she is not ugly, are we still on that light skinned/dark skinned thing. it is so played. hello black people we come in all vearieties. dark skinned women are just as beautiful and light skinned women!
grow up people!


I agree with nikki I hope he made you sign them papers so you won't get all his ends when yall get a divorce


I don't have a problem about your age I would have loved to see Usher and Chilli get married, but you Tameka just dont compliment his style plus you're making him loose his "SEXY" Black or not you are just not the chick that seems right for him....you've got way too much baggabge seems you just need someone to take care of you and your kids and I guess getting pregnant would do the trick.......

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