Super Stud Showdown: Zac Efron vs. Chace Crawford

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We know who Vanessa Hudgens and Carrie Underwood would vote for in the question posed below.

But we're asking YOU: Which is the hotter hunk: Zac Efron or Chace Crawford?

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

The young actors look eerily alike. Each possesses blue eyes, adorable bangs and a smile that would melt the treacherous heart of Sam Lutfi.

So, who do you prefer: the singing High School Musical stud or the good-looking Gossip Girl-er?

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Definately CHACE ~ He'z da most gorgeous guy ever... ;O


i love you chace




listen everybody!!!they were both attractive but i bet ZACHARY DAVID EFRON! he's cuter,talented,dancer,etc!i luv zack very much!!!no one else!!lol.


When i saw Zac in High School Music at first,i dont think he's a nice guy,even though i like him later;but When i saw Chace at first sight in Gossip, well,i cant believe there exists such a hot guy lol...


Chace Crawford (L)
they honestly look the same?
Same hair?
Same Smile?
Same Hair?
but seriously Chace with stubble :) coarrr.
hahaa, but yeahh i think Chace is hotter ;) :) x


can everyone just cut the crap of "OMG zac and vanessa are meant for each other" what a load of stinkin shit!!! they'll probably end up breaking up after twenty years with a LAME Excuse! because we all know CELEBERTY MARRIGES NEVER LAST!!!! as for the pick!!!!
are you fucking kidding me!!! CHACE IS THE BOMB!!!! so much hotter and attractive than that "Leonardo dicaprio wannabe" zac efron my ass!!! Chace's eyes are breathtaking and beyond what words can describe!!! he's mine 4 ever!!! well, him and Robert Pattinson! lol they are my babies!!!! oh and ... you know you love me
XOXO GossipGirl!!!!


.my name is lily.i like zac and chace.zac is more handsome than chace but chace is hotter than zac...


Chace, definitely. Much better actor, way hotter, and Zac had plastic surgery! Chace=naturally gorgeous! Plus his eyes are BE-YOND amazing. Zacs are ok.


he is the most beautiful,hottest man i've ever seen!
and zac is freaking gay