Rielle Hunter: Pregnant with John Edwards' Love Child?

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Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is lagging behind both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the polls. A potential love child scandal, as claimed by the National Enquirer after a "blockbuster investigation," certainly can't help.

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    Both these scumbags belong in jail. Edwards for stealing money, Hunter for hooking outside of Vegas. 'nuff said.


    Druck (a.k.a Hunter) is a big time doper. Edwards was stoned when he mercy fucked her. No good deed goes unpunished!


    ooops...you got caught John...the test of a man is that he admits his mistakes..........


    This is crazy, the videos she made are all on YouTube
    They're both clearly in love with each other.
    He looks so besotted with "camera girl"
    You can see that she gave an interview to EXTRA on their website when this first came out. She has a very colorful history and likes the attention.
    All of the information is coming from a "source" close to Rielle.
    She wants this to come out, she wants John to admit to the relationship. I don't blame her. I'm sorry for Elizabeth. She was the brain behind the man. Elizabeth got sick and had to focus on herself rather than him. She lost his attention and he is an insensitive narcissist who is incapable of understanding how to use a condom.


    I guess he thought his wife wasn't long for this world, what a scumbag. If he was a Republican, this would have been 24/7 Headline news!


    has this baby been born; and why are john and elizabeth out of the public eye since the anticipated birth of his possible child?


    hi there john edwards how you looks know are you growing a beards you real looks goods with a full beards are a goattee beards your friends


    Yikes - do think maybe she drugged him.

    She is horrible.


    How dare you! How dare you question a great man like John Edwards (insert Bill Clinton with Keith Oberman talking, if you wish)of such outright lies. Lies, I say. Rielle Hunter is not carrying a child, you trash. I asked John Edwards in another context! She is just harboring lifeless fetal tissue which can be removed from her harmlessly by jabbing scissors into the fetal cranium as the tissue is ejected on schedule (read "birth" by later-term abortion). So, there you go, Man!


    I think somebody out there is trying to stop his presidency bid. With his ambition toward that goal, I doubt he'd be that stupid.

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