Rebecca Ginos: New Girlfriend of Adam Levine

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Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and his girlfriend Rebecca Ginos (a cocktail waitress from the popular L.A. nightclub Teddy's) dropped some major dough while doing some last-minute holiday shopping in Beverly Hills Saturday.

Adam Levine, 28, who has been linked to Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman and many others, spent the afternoon picking up some designer clothes with Rebecca Ginos, 21, and were seen waiting for the valet to bring his Mercedes out front.

Pic of Adam Levine

Rebecca Ginos: New plaything of Maroon 5's Adam Levine.

Earlier this year, the Maroon 5 singer shared on the Howard Stern Show he met Rebecca on her 21st birthday. "We had sex the first night we met," he gladly admitted. "[She's] the hottest girl in the entire f-ing universe."

This puts Rebecca Ginos in some exclusive company. Then again, the man-whore seems serious about her, at least, so maybe this relationship has potential.

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Who says SHE broke HIS heart. Maybe he broke it off, and maybe SHE is dealing with a broken heart. I herd the Stern thing, and in my opinion he let her be treated like no more than a bit of meat. Maroon 5 / Adam Levine fans are so quick to blame others when Adams relationships end. Let's look at the KNOWN facts. Jane, Kelly Mckee and now Becky Ginos. What do these three girls have in common....? Adam freakin' Levine. Try and consider that maybe, just maybe Mr Levine isn't this perfect guy you seem to think he is, and that at lest in part these break-ups might be HIS fault...with so many of you 'Hero worshiping' this guy it’s no wonder his ego is out of control....


u deserve better than this


You got it right - SHE broke his heart....
he's available again.


Yeah, they aren't together anymore. The way he talked about her it looked like love...well I guess all good things must come to an end sometime...


I'm happy for you, she's georgeous adam,
please don't get hurt.


well i think it's obviously all over with this rebecca girl ...well it sure looked like it when i saw him rendevouzing with some cleopatra looking beauty in the bar of his hotel during his oz tour.... and later leaving together in the same lift in the same hotel.......and never to return as i was waiting.....BITCH....why couldn't that be me.......,.,I love adam


The girl in "She Will be Loved" video is Corrine Carrey.


i love youuuuuuu adam :p ^^


adam levine i love u very much


Netalie Portman seem to be his brain match.
She is so self confident. Maybe she lacks the boob area. Adam sure can pick pretty...who is the 18 yr beauty in "she will be loved" video? Her eyes are gorgeous.

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