Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Gets Advice From Liz Lange

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At least 12 weeks pregnant, Jamie Lynn Spears isn't showing any visible signs of carrying the love child of Casey Aldridge. But just you wait.

This begs the question, of course, of how a high-profile 16-year-old ought to dress for the inevitable "bump watch" that is to come?

"She's a young girl, so I would want to keep [her look] innocent," a top maternity designer, Liz Lange, told People at the Great Debaters premiere in New York.

"I think little cute dresses and jeans with tight-fitting tee shirts... [Jamie Lynn Spears] is only 16, and I'd like to see her look her age."

Jamie Lynn Spears can take comfort in the fashion advice of Liz Lange.

As for how her style should differ from her big sister, Britney Spears, who frequented Liz Lange's L.A. boutique during her two pregnancies, Lange says:

"Britney was into cowboy boots with little dresses. That was her style. I'd like to see Jamie Lynn go a little plainer. [No] belly baring for her!"

Any deviation from Britney Spears' life decisions can only be a good thing.

"I hope she's ready for this. It's definitely a big step," Liz Lange added, stating the obvious. "I know that as a mother myself. But if this is what she wants and what their family wants, then mazel tov."




Winner , Winner Chicken dinner. Casey Aldridge has managed to advance himself career wise, either way this turns out. Better than his sports or college could ever. To any normal family this would be bad but to the Spears its just a small bump that will pass by summer.


It her life, let her make her mistakes! So what if she is famous, her life, not ours! And they really dont have a right to judge her, yes she is famous, yes she is a rolemodel. So what?! One mistake, let her fix it and do what she wants.
She is not a slut! She is a teenage girl! She is going to have sex for goodness sake!
People just need to stop attacking her!


Yes, people DO have right to make comments and judge her. She is a public figure and because of her public persona, she makes millions of dollars from the public. She is a role model and because of her public life, has a responsibility to uphold the positive image and responsibility that goes with her public persona. If she does not want that responsibility and public opinion, then she should abandon her public life and fade into obscurity when she will not be subject to public scrutiny.


I feel that everhyone just needs to leave her alone..its her life and if that is what she wants to do then just let her do it. no one should have that right to judge anyone for what they do with there life!!


no matter what she is wearing she still look like a slut okay.... slutty bitch

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