PETA Calls Out Trashy, Fur-Wearing Olsen Twins

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With Mike Vick and his cohorts safely behind bars, PETA is going after the evil Olsen Twins, dedicating an entire website and MySpace to that effort.

Fittingly, they have dubbed the anorexic former child stars "The Trollsens" and individually named them Hairy Kate and Trashley Trollsen.

The animal rights group is targeting the traveling freak show petite actresses for wearing fur and also including it in their individual fashion collections.

A PETA statement reads: "No one would argue that Mary-Kate and Ashley could use some meat on their bones, but the last thing they need is hair on their backs."

Olsen Twins Look On

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, you just got served. And we're sure as hell not talkin' about a plate of food. Couple of frail, anorexic waifs, these two.

Indeed, the truth hurts. The Trollsens MySpace reads:

"Hi, we're Hairy Kate and Trashley Trollsen. Like most trolls, we live under a bridge and wait for furry animals to walk by so we can skin them and wear them as hats. Because we're celebrities, we don't have to live by the same rules that ugly people like you do, and if we want to wrap ourselves up in someone else's skin, or drape our bodies in the rotting remains of someone's family, we totally can! And do we ever!"

Of course, these words may fall upon deaf ears. Living in their little troll bubble and only emerging occasionally for naked trysts with Lance Armstrong or Sean Avery, the Olsen twins likely don't give a rat's behind about this. Just saying.


which ones which????


hey olsen twins i love u guys so much
u guys are my best actors i watched nearly all ur film and got nearly all of ur books
i wish i had a twin sister like u guys that like each other soo much
i wish that i could see you
and nice stories mary-kate and u ashley luv from ur biggest fan lamiya


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i used to love the olsen twins when i was younger but now they are walking sticks setting bad examples for young people like myslef and i do not want to grow up knowing that they did this to our trying to be war free world

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