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Jenna Fischer was recently named the hottest celebrity divorcee by Maxim.

With good looks and an innocent, girl-next-door charm, it's no surprise how Jenna Fischer has endured herself to fans - who will get to see a lot more of this actress in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, which stars John C. Reilly.

Jenna Fischer and Husband

"John has a great butt," said Fischer, who split from her director husband James Gunn in September. "That's his butt in the movie. I want the world to know that John C. Reilly has a mighty fine tush." Really, thanks for letting us know.

As for the partially nude Jenna Fischer sex scenes?

"During that first seduction scene, John played around with all these sexy animal noises. First he growled, and I reacted by saying "Oh, My Tiger!" Then he pretended to be a horse; "Oh, my stallion!" Then he quacked and I said, "Oh! My ..... Duck!"

No word on if there's any Jenna Fischer nude material in the flick, but The Office star confirms that she and Reilly may have set a record for longest kiss.

"The director told us we needed to go as long as possible, then a little longer," Fischer said. "We decided it was going to be the biggest buildup to a kiss ever!"

Not a bad feat for someone recovering from a broken back.

"I hurt myself this summer," she says. "I fell down stairs and fractured some bones in my back. The bones are all healed, so now I need to do some physical therapy."

First on Jenna Fischer's therapy list? Some ow-impact yoga with pregnant co-star and source of many great The Office quotes, Angela Kinsey.

"I don't know how I got roped into doing yoga with her, but my doctor heard that she was pregnant, and suggested some low impact exercise like yoga."

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
- Colin Powell

As the Ingrid Marie Rivera picture below proves, this contestant took the words of the former Secretary of State to heart.

During the Miss Puerto Rico pageant a couple weeks ago, Rivera mentally rattled off her winning checklist. The last item appears to have helped the most, as Ingrid Marie Rivera earned the crown... along with the suspicion of police who think she pretended to be poisoned in order to garner the sympathy vote.

If the lovely Ingrid Marie Rivera has taught the next generation of aspiring beauty queens anything, it's that pretending to be maced never hurts your chances.

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Mourners gathered Sunday to mark the life of Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor, as four young men sat in Florida jail cells charged with his murder.

Those coming to pay respects at Taylor's viewing began arriving at Second Baptist Church in Miami over an hour before the public memorial opened.

The service Sunday came hours after a fourth man charged in the shooting death of Taylor appeared in court and, like his co-defendants, was denied bond.

Sean Taylor Suspects

Jason Mitchell, 19, has been charged with Sean Taylor's murder along with three other suspects - Eric Rivera, 17; Charles Wardlow, 18; and Venjah Hunte, 20.

All four face counts of unpremeditated murder, home invasion with a firearm or another deadly weapon and armed burglary. They will be transported to Miami.

Probable cause affidavits for Mitchell and Rivera say the two confessed to armed burglary. According to reports, Mitchell and Rivera admitted entering the home and said someone had a gun and shot Sean Taylor, but they didn't identify who. Police have said some of the young men confessed, but wouldn't elaborate.

Police said the four suspects in the Taylor killing were planning on a simple burglary, but it quickly turned bloody when they were startled to find him home.

Police remain tight-lipped about how the Sean Taylor murder suspects wound up at his home. The Miami Herald reported Mitchell cut the player's lawn and did chores at the house, while Taylor's sister, Sasha, dates Wardlow's cousin.

The Naples Daily News quoted Jason Mitchell's mother as saying that her son was at a birthday party at Taylor's home within the past two months.

Early Monday, Taylor and his longtime girlfriend, Jackie Garcia, were awakened by loud noises at his home. Within moments, someone broke through the bedroom door and fired two shots, one hitting Taylor in the upper leg.

Neither the couple's 18-month-old daughter, also named Jackie, nor Jackie Garcia (the niece of actor Andy Garcia) were injured in the break-in.

The bullet damaged the femoral artery in Taylor's leg, causing major blood loss. He never regained consciousness and died early Tuesday.

In the Washington Redskins' first game since the death of Sean Taylor, the defense fielded 10 men - one man short - for the first play from scrimmage, letting a void in the secondary honor their fallen teammate. The Redskins lost to Buffalo, 17-16.

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Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff are so close, they're like sisters.

So you know it's a big deal for Hilary's hockey player boyfriend, Mike Comrie, to have officially passed the all-important Haylie test.

Sexy Hilary Duff

"I think he's great and so special," said big sister Haylie Duff, 22, to People at the Guess/Conde Nast Movies Rock party in L.A. on November 29.

"I love him. He's a really great guy."

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie - the former collegiate All-American and 27-year-old forward for the New York Islanders - have been dating since the summer. That's not too long, but Mike Comrie is already known for big displays of devotion.

Haylie Duff (left) approves of Mike Comrie, boyfriend of l'il sis Hilary Duff.

In September, Mike Comrie "surprised" Hilary Duff with a $100,000 Mercedes in honor of the singer and actress' 20th birthday.

"He's good to her," Haylie Duff said. "That's all I care about."

A lot better than Jordin Tootoo was to Kellie Pickler.

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With her new, plump lips, Paris Hilton is ready to suck more than usual.

Congratulations, Alex Vaggo! You're in for a fun few days.

Santa's Baby

Hilton's lip job mimics that of Jessica Simpson, leaving us to wonder if Paris has her sights set on Tony Romo as her next conquest.

While the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is currently lining up behind Jessica - if you know what we mean! - there's a good chance he'll be looking for a new tight end soon... if you know what we mean!

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The debut album from American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis drops today.

But that isn't the only new CD receiving a great deal of buzz.

Ray J has released Ray J Unkut, an interesting mix of tracks that includes such titles as "No Porno Sh--," "Spendin' All My Bitches' Cash" and "Kim K Message (Parts 1 & 2)," a remix of private voicemails left by Kim Kardashian shortly after news of their sex tape broke.

As the brother of Brady explained to adult news organization, AVN, this has been an amazing year.

"I'm having way too much fun," he said. "It turned from crazy reactions to a crazy business. This has been a year-long story; that's the good thing about it. I'm talking about this sh-- daily. Whether it's commercial or X-rated, I'm not afraid of being successful."

Sounds like Ray J isn't exactly ashamed about leaking the Kim Kardashian sex tape to celebrity gossip outlets.

Ray J, ever the good samaritan, is just thinking about us. He wants to keep people entertained. Unlike reports of Britney Spears' pregnancy, the artist is nothing if not straightforward and honest.

"What I want to do is make sure people are entertained with great stories, and that's what I deliver on this CD," he said. "I'm puttin' it all out on the table. I talk about my boys f---in' their homegirls and Paris Hilton don't like it... I'm incorporating my life into my music, which is the only honest way to be."

What about the betrayal of Kim, Ray? Feel any remorse over showing the world how you railed her from behind and had her screaming your name in ecstasy?

"That [video] was for me to see," Ray J said.

"She loved it. We had a fun relationship; what you see is how I am in real life. All I know is we had fun, we did what we did, and it's over."

And it's not as though the video hasn't helped Kim Karadashian's career. As Jennifer Toof can attest, sex tapes equate to fame.

No wonder Ray J looks at himself like a successful entrepreneur.

"A lot of people are buying this," he said. "It is what it is. Don't hate on my hustle; this is America."

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Shopping and clubbing evidently burn a lot of calories.

Just kidding. But with all the hectic drama up in The Hills, it's a wonder any of the lovely ladies (or Heidi Montag, for that matter) ever have time to work out!

Photo of LC

Well, Lauren Conrad didn't for a long time - until a friend took her to a Nike store and convinced LC to buy herself a complete workout wardrobe.

The result? Lauren turning into a fitness monster!

The results of her workout regimen â€" twice-a-week weight training, running along with kickboxing, mixed in with a fish-and veggie-friendly diet â€" have landed Lauren on the forthcoming, January 2008 cover of Shape magazine. Way to go, girl!

Lauren Conrad: Kickboxing and taking names.

As for her diet, it wasn't always easy for this former fast food fan. Lauren Conrad admits: "I used to love fast food, but now I eat six smaller meals a day consisting mostly of fish, beans, and other protein, along with veggies."

That, and a steady diet of beef ... with Spencer Pratt!

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Don't worry, you haven't seen the last of Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough.

The Dancing with the Stars champions - and rumored lovers - will be taking their act on the road, joining the 37-city Dancing with the Stars national tour "for about a week's worth of dates," says Hough, who is vacationing in Hawaii.

The popular tour will also feature Marie Osmond, Sabrina Bryan, Wayne Newton, Drew Lachey, Joey Lawrence and Monique Coleman. It begins December 18 in Seattle.

"Helio saw that everybody wanted to do the tour and didn't want to be left out," said Hough. "I had a blast doing the last tour and if we could pop in there and do a few dates, that would be great."

Hough added it appears as though the pair will perform in Indianapolis (1/18), Nashville (1/19), and Greensboro, North Carolina (1/26).

Sp, stop ogling Heather Mills nude pictures and get your tickets now, fans!

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Farewell, Miranda Kerr. We barely got to know you. But we trust that you'll be back and dating another random celebrity in no time. Keep your chin up.

Sources say Brandon Davis has been cut off from his oil tycoon family's fortune, which would seemingly ruin his chances of getting laid forever.

Trouble for Brandon Davis

Well, think again on that. After a reported dalliance with Miranda Kerr, Davis' previous fling, Australian model Cheyenne Tozzi, is back in the picture!

A photo of Cheyenne Tozzi. Yes, Brandon Davis hits this.

Yes, Cheyenne Tozzi is dating the oil heir. The pair were spotted hitting up the Whiskey Bar in L.A. on Sunday night - great for Brandon Davis' sobriety.

Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear, has already been to rehab numerous times. Hopefully Tozzi, a.k.a. Koala Bear, can restrain him from his usual obnoxious antics.

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We have just learned that Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland has been arrested for DUI. We cannot sit here and tell you were are entirely stunned by the news. Guy is a little out there.

Weiland has long battled substance abuse and was arrested after crashing his car and failing sobriety tests on November 11 in Southern California's San Fernando Valley, the California Highway Patrol said.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

No one was injured in the accident.

The musician was booked at the Van Nuys jail and refused to take a blood or urine test. He posted $40,000 bail and is due in court December 13.

Weiland has yet to be formally charged by the L.A. City Attorney's office.

The former Stone Temple Pilots singer is no stranger to legal trouble over the years. He was jailed for drug offenses in the 1990s and then some.

He was busted for buying crack in 1995, domestic violence in 2001, DUI in 2003, and allegedly trashed a hotel room while brawling with wife Mary Weiland.

Mary Weiland, who was arrested and booked for investigation of felony arson vandalism after allegedly setting fire to some of her husband's clothes, later issued a statement saying her husband was "simply trying to help calm me down."

In July, Scott Weiland claimed he was past his troubles, saying, "There's definitely a Cleaver sense about our household."

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