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The news never stops when 16-year-olds get knocked up. Here are more excerpts from Jamie Lynn Spears' $1 million interview with OK! about her pregnancy...

On the sex of the baby: I want to find out as soon as I can because I'm impatient. I just want a healthy, happy baby, so the whether it's a boy or a girl really doesn't matter that much to me.

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

On names: I haven't thought about names yet. I have to hear some options!

On morning sickness: I definitely had morning sickness, but it's getting better. It was at its worst a few weeks ago.

On not having cravings: I haven't really got much of an appetite right now. I mean, I eat, but I'm not going crazy or anything.

On believing she'll be a good mom: I love babies, and I have two nephews (Sean Preston and Jayden James) that I love. I have a great mother and she has raised three kids, so if I take lessons from her, I think I'll be great.

Casey Aldridge got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant. Way to go man!

On marriage: Right now, [Casey Aldridge and I] are focusing on the baby and making sure we do all we can to have a healthy baby. We're trying just to think about that right now, so we haven't really talked about that.

On Casey Aldridge as a father: He's always been good with babies. He's like a big teddy bear, especially around babies, so I know he'll make a good dad.

On her hopes for 2008: Just to have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy and for everything to fall in place and to become a stronger person from here.

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On finding out Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant: She said ‘Mom, I have to tell you something. Here, it's in a note.' I was taken aback. I read the note, which of course said that she was pregnant, and ran into the living room. I said: ‘I don't believe this. This is not funny!' I looked at Casey, and he was staring straight ahead. She said: ‘Yes, Momma, it's true.'

On if Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge should get married: We're not going there. We're focusing on the baby. We've got so much to focus on right now.

On grandchildren: My grandsons (Sean and Jayden) ar adorable! Of course, another little boy would be precious, but a little girl would be precious too. It doesn't matter so long as it's healthy â€" that's what's important.

Her hopes for 2008: Health, peace, happiness and a real good healthy focus for life, for all [my children's] lives.




ZOEY 101? MORE LIKE ZOEY 1-0-CUM!!!!! shiiiitttt gurl you fresh outta work


bitch please, you are a little slut getting yourself knocked up!!! What the hell kind of parents do you have?? So much for Zoey 101 and for being a role model to young kids!! My younger daughter looks up to you and you should of seen how disappointed she was when she heard you got knocked up!! She said what a little nasty and what the heck. And Zoey 101 is totally done! Unless they where planning on getting Zoey knocked up you are out of a job bitch!! Thank god you did that interview with ok for a million or else you would be dead broke flipping burgers at McDonalds. PEACE


So.... apparently the word "birth control" has never been mentioned in their family, but I will give she and the father props: rather than murdering the baby in a needless abortion they have decided to keep their child. Amongst all of the criticism that they will be receiving, they should take pride in knowing that they have done the right thing in allowing their child their right to life. Planned Parenthood baby mill inc. could take a lesson from these two and explain that the right to life is much more important than any fears a woman may have.


I am 17 years old now. I'm expecting my first baby in June. Just because you are pregnant that does not make you a slut. Jamie just like me is in a comitted relationship and they seem happy enough. I can't wait to be a mum. Sometimes things just don't go as planned. I was on the pill. My boyfriend and I have our next year already planned out. Our main concern is money but we will have enough of it to get by and then some. I'm almost done highschool and he's out of highschool. I think Jamie will be a great mum. Things happen and atleast she is taking the responsibility and doing what she believes in. Besides they will deffinitly not be broke!


SLUT! She's gonna end up like Britney!!! Her mother must feel horrible, raising 2 pathetic daughters!


Teens who have kids have not brains. period. Kids they have, have not future. period.


okay, you all say shes a slut, but just stop and think about it... what age did you lose your virginity? I can guarantee it was around the age 16-18 & that gives you no right to criticize her. Your sorry a$$ just got lucky that you didnt get knocked up.


It's good that you have decided to keep your baby. I am not very sorry for you because at least you know your baby will eat and have a home. Lots of girls your age or younger are pregnant and have no idea how they are even gonna eat themselves to nuture the baby inside them. Not sure who to blame because Jamie has a mind of her own, her mom could say don't have sex as much as she wants. If a teen wants to have sex they will find a way. You'll be so surprised. Despite all this, God sees your heart and knows everthing you go through, so hang in there. Please tell britany not to smoke around her children and your child.
Tell Britany rehab won't help, it's a renewing of her mind and self worth that will.
God bless.


I'd say it's hard for her at the moment but everything will fall into place every1 else shut would b differant if it was you...and she's clearly NOT a slut she's been with her boyfriend i wish her the best and she'll make a great mom! xoxoxoxox

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