Miley Cyrus Defends "Innocent" Racy Photos

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Okay. Britney Spears, no pants, this isn't.

But some racy Miley Cyrus photos - featuring the singer frolicking on a hotel floor with a female friend and sharing a piece of candy - have been circulating around the web and causing plenty of controversy in recent days.

Where's the Party?

Before her sold-out Best of Both Worlds concert at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island (N.Y.), the 15-year-old pop sensation insists that the candid shots are innocent - though she is upset they got out in the first place.

"At first, I was really upset. It really sucks," said the Hannah Montana star, who at one point exclaimed, "Look at me getting all upset!"

Not that she plans to shrug off the scandal, or the fact that the photos were leaked.

"It's not something I'm going to let slide," Cyrus said. "I'm really upset about it, 'cause it was not even a big deal."

As for the blonde tonguing that piece of candy with her in the shots, Miley Cyrus calls her "a friend of mine that's a normal girl... That's one of my best friends. I have all these girls who I hang out with all the time."


While Cyrus says she's used to all the attention she gets as a celebrity, both good and bad - "This girl doesn't even have to deal with that, and it's so hard for her. She has to go to school and deal with this crap."

Concerning the racy Miley Cyrus photos themselves, the star says "It's two girls at a sleepover. If that's bad, then what is the world coming to?"

On a musical note, Cyrus also says that she's into her current tour for the fun of it - and once the fun goes away, so will she.

"What I decided before I came to L.A. and started working was the minute I didn't have fun was the minute I go home. I don't want to go home, and I don't want to not do what I do, because I love it, but this ... it's Satan attacking."


OH and martha, from the martha comment? GET A LIFE. miley doesnt suck anything like that, she rocks. u r just jealous because guys think shes hot. ALSO lilly, this is the internet, and i hope you regret that comment. because i cant believe you would post that.


everyone makes mistakes, and come on. she only has 3 pictures that are questionable. and in the time frame of today, you can mess around with pictures, and put someone elses face on someones body. i dont know if they did this, but the one with candy, i dont know why everyone is so concerned about. its not bad. its not lesbian. so heres miley, the girl role model, who doesnt deserve to have her title taken away from her. she has 2 CD's, the most popular tween show on TV, a sold out concert date, posters on every teens wall, a movie coming out, and a great family who loves and supports her, and amazing friends who stand by her. GO MILEY. we all love you, dont listen to the haters. they're just jealous of your amazing accomplishments.


Leave Miley alone she's not a lesbian or a racy girl she's the best romodel I can see for me so give her a break to me she's not just a star or a romodel but a true hero!!


Everyone needs to leave Miley alone!!! I know that she will not be anthor Brit or Lindsey Lohan, I belive that her faith and her family will keep her under control. I love you Miley!!


Hey, I am only 8 years old and even I know this gossip stinks.
All girls have fun! So I still look up to Miss Cyrus.
Those of you who think Miss Cyrus is weird need to get a life!! This is simply stupied!! So I REPEAT, just get a life while I still continue to watch the show "Hannah Montana." Or those of you with limited intelligence can contine to gossip like fools while my Family and I continue to watch a great role model and talented actress/performer. Keep moving Miss Cyrus and don`t listen to all those idiots. Please remember I look up to you. :) HannaH EvE, Stillwater, OK.


That is the most ludicruis thing I have ever heard! So who cares that she was having fun with a friend, and who cares that she she shares! Honest to god you media people are ripe!!! She is 15 and should be "frolicing" isn't that what 15 years old do, run, jump, cheer, mess around?


hannah is so good she would not do any thing like that so yall need to stop making up that crap hannah i love you if you want to call me than call me at 4097874279. please call me or write me back at lstrickland.


are you stupid jamie is already preagnat and you are having SEX with her


They're not all that bad... but you have to remember that she is a role model to kids and they look up to her, you want them looking up to this? I don't understand how she takes the pics and they are "leaked", who taking the picture did she purposely give it to people so that she would have a reason to talk about something, I don't see how you can blame the paparazzi on this one.


Miley sux dick!!!!


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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

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