Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas: Young Love?

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Move over, Zanessa.

And make room for Jyrus!

Like a Bird

The celebrity gossip mill is churning with the news that Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas are dating. Rumors that the young singers are in love hit a fevered pitch after Cyrus gave Jonas a kiss on the cheek while they performed on stage during a concert in Memphis.

The event was part of the Best of Both Worlds Tour, during which Cyrus performed as Hannah Montana and Nick rocked out for fans as part of The Jonas Brothers.

As her boyfriend, is Nick Jonas really seeing Miley Cyrus nude?

So, if they really are an item, what would Miley's famous father think of the coupling?

"He trusts me, I'm responsible," Cyrus said of Billy Ray Cyrus, who costars on Hannah Montana and who apparently approves of the teen romance.

Meanwhile, you can see the chemistry between Miley and Nick for yourself: The Jonas Brothers will continue to serve as the opening act for Miley Cyrus in her ongoing Best of Worlds Tour, which is expected to end on January 9 in Albany.

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wish fo da best n go for it...lolz


wow,i think that drew seeley is best for miley,but nick ur so off...lolz...i think ur just using miley.miley choose the right one for u


mia is totally right im on her side. miley is a b****. she should go 2 hell. and andrea whatever plus i LOVE nick n miley is a PUTA


mich mich is right agian. miley should date a door. nick u need a sensitive,honest,funny,fun,and hot girl.not an anyoing,agly,and dumb wanna be princess.we want u 2 be happy 4 years not weeks.


i love u nick
am 13 yrs. old i'am from st.luica
my hobbies are singing,dancing,running,art,spending a lot of time in the out doors wether it rains or not


OMG you people make me laugh you are so pathetic miley cyrus pregnant? NICK JONAS FATHER? you guys are PATHETIC. where do you guys get these lies. i mean miley cyrus been pregnant for three weeks. you make up so many lies i am laughing!


I think we should leave the couple alone and let them handle it and ima teen! And I hate thoughs people that makes the rumer! Man I know u don't want other people in ur relashonship! Somtime u have to grow up! So leave mily and nick alone!!! Love ya miley I am ur bigist fan!


Miley cyrus does love Nick jonas.


HANNAH MONTANA = DRESSED UGLY BUT STILL A STRIPPER! JEEZ!How many names does that bitch have?!?! I bet she wants to strip in front of nick some day
and when they get in their 20s then she'll probly
marry him then have sex with him,& you cant
4get the purity rings


oh and I'm Mia