Mike Huckabee Speaks on Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears

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Everyone has an opinion on this week's huge celebrity news: the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant story. It's even spilled over into the presidential campaign.

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist minister and the former governor of Arkansas, recently picked up the endorsement of Chuck Norris. Now he's entered the fray on the Jamie Lynn Spears situation.

And while the candidate has been notably caught off-guard by breaking news in recent weeks, he passed this test of pop culture with flying colors.

News of Britney Spears' younger sister's pregnancy broke early this week and is in all the tabloids, including OK! Magazine. On the campaign trail in Iowa, Mike Huckabee was asked how he felt about - what else - pregnant Jamie Lynn.

Even White House hopeful Mike Huckabee is weighing in on Jamie Lynn.

While Huckabee's answer may have fit any out-of-wedlock teenager in the same situation as the younger Spears, the candidate commented with confidence:

"In my mind it's a tragedy when a 16-year-old who is not really prepared for all the responsibilities of adult life is going to be now faced with all of the many responsibilities of honest-to-goodness adult life," he told CBS News.

"Apparently, she's going to have the child and I think that is the right decision, a good decision, and I respect that and appreciate it," Mike Huckabee continued. "I hope it is not an encouragement to other 16-year-olds who think that is the best course of action. But at the same time I'm not going to condemn her."

"There'll be plenty of people in line to do that and I always look for the shortest lines. I just hope that she will make another right decision and that's to give that child all the love and kindness and care that she can."

What do you think? Should Jamie Lynn Spears keep the baby?


She should keep the baby! If you think it's hard for a baby growing up with a 16 year old mom just imagine what it would be like for it to grow up not even knowing it's mom!!!!!!


she is not the only 16 yr old that gets pregnant. it happens to the rich and famous to. part of life.there are good young parents out there too. she can afford it ... go jamie lynn you will be a great mom...


( * - *)
( u u )~ AHAHA...Muffin! Carrot!


Jamie Lynn is like a muffin. They're all fantastic, til yah drop them in the dirt. Then you have a dirty muffin...Nobody likes dirty muffins. Especially Nickelodeon. She can kiss her gold-studded muffin wrapper goodbye. WHEEEEEEE!


i personally think this is all fake and just for publicity. until i see pictures of her showing, im not gonna believe one word of it. if she stays in hiding until the birth, then they start parading a baby around, then its probably adopted. i think they are doing all of this just because it happens to be the biggest story of the year in celebrity gossip. its a horrible example to put out there, but it will definately make those magazines fly off the shelf. the Spears clan are right up top when it comes to popularity. just watch if she doesnt coincidently miscarry or somethin. and i would not doubt one second that JL is bangin her Zoey producers. have you ever watched that show? i tried watching it yesterday, and i must say that JL is not that good of an actress. this pregnancy thing, whether real or not, is her claim to fame. she will ride this wave until something has to happen (like a baby, or miscarry). im sure Lynn has plenty more scandals lined up for her.


she proubully did not mean for it to happen when she was having sex. people like it in then they forget the bad things that can happen.so leave her alone she probully feels bad anouf


don't have a baby your just 16 teen but you choose


i can't believe this. you guys really need to stop being in her persinol life. i mean don't you think that she has enough to deal with. well i also want to say that jamie, i had a lot of hope for you. i though that you were going to be the one who was the ok one. well i guess that is down the drain. i also wishe that she is a better mother than Birt. i hope that she knows what she is doing. once she starts to show she will not be able to do her TV show. she will be breast feeding her child. but i also wich you good luck. PS: didn't you learn any thing from your sister?


Your know whats badd ; yew are turing into yeer sister . You have to have a life , parties , funn - yaa mean ?
well you are a bit to young to be doing what yew are doing . you dont know what its all bout ' I mean come on Jamiee . its a bad influence for kids that LOVE your show [ Zoey 101]
there can be teenagers that want to be just like yew. & i am sorry if i was being rudee - but c'mon .


hey spears u only 16 gurl abort the baby it will ruin ur life gurl i went through da same thing a boy did riun my life only i got laid when i was 15 and now im 17 and did have the baby. gurl go have fun with life and with zoey 101 u have life that u havent seen. plz e-mail me back love u xoxoxox

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