Megan Fox Rocks Out at Juno Premiere

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Megan Fox showed up at the premiere for Juno this week looking as gorgeous as ever.

The so-hot-it-should-illegal actress was on hand to support her friend, Diablo Cody, who penned the script for this critically acclaimed independent movie.

Juno stars a favorite of The Hollywood Gossip staff, Michael Cera, along with Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman and Ellen Page.

Megan Fox Pic

Look closely and you'll see that Fox is sporting a Wonder Woman belt, as well. Does this mean she's supporting the choice of Megan Gale in that role?

Or campaigning for the part herself? Would anyone object to Fox as Wonder Woman?


Good god people she's a billion times hotter than Angelina Jolie.. They aren't even comparable... If AJ's lips got any bigget they'd either pop or she'd fly to the moon.


is her armpit sweat?


yeah evelyn megan she hot beatiful i love her ther no boy in the world is not want to kiss her and my too i want to kiss you megan so do you accept??


I absolutely love Megan Fox, she is so beautiful. She's the kind of beauty you can't help but want to stare at. As for angelina....who cares!! They're two totally different people, I don't understand why people compare them....get a life! Megan is Fabulous. THE END!


Okay people should not judge people because they have tattoos thats just stupid!!!! Tattoos does not make a person , people need to get out of there boring box and look at the reality of things u only live once, so live it up!!!!!!!


anyone know where she got that belt?
i absolutely love it!


Bitch needs to realize that maybe in her own mind she's hotter than AJ. I'd take "ancient", used and tattooed, Angie over this sac of silicone any day.


Get real, she's a joke. She's pretty but nothing to rival Angelina.


SHE'S A REALLY PRETTY GURL LIKE YA SHE'S GREAT!!!!!!!I think she looks great in dat outfit!!!!!SHE'S REALLY BEAUTIFUL


"tattoos show no respect for your body??!!" what!!?? i love tattoos. I feel that they celebrate your body, and decorate it. Tattoos make you unique. If you would not judge someone for the color of their skin, why would you judge them for PUTTING color on their skin??!!!


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