Mary Delgado and Byron Velvick: Inside the Attack

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New information is coming out about the round house Mary Delgado landed on former Bachelor Byron Velvick

While previous reports had indicated that the fight was a result of the couple disagreeing on when to leave a party, the contention began during a segment of The Bachelor reunion show on November 20.

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"They were watching it at their friends' house," said a source. "At on point the audience was asked if Byron should marry Mary. She'd already said she was ready to marry him. But behind her back he's shaking his head ‘no' and the whole audience was laughing."

If true, this almost gets Brad Womack off the hook, doesn't it? Better to diss Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft now than lead them on for three years, isn't it?

Before the beating: Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado. 

"On the stage at the taping she was unaware of this. She was embarrassed and furious. That was when she punched him," the insider continued. "He was so mad he called the cops."

Violence is nothing new to Mary, added the source, who maintained she was "very physical" with her previous boyfriend. And not in the hot, sexy, Jessica Sierra sex tape sort of way.

"She has a very short fuse," said the source. "I don't think Byron had any idea she was such a volcano."

Perhaps the fact that she signed up for a reality TV show should have been a sign, Byron. Just a thought.


Bryon Velrick should dump Mary Delgado. As long as she is drinking there will always be fights between them. It appears she doesn't want to go home when she is at a bar or friends home, BECAUSE that's where the liquor is . She needs help.If she can give up liquor for two years then it's
possible she has a good chance that she is on the road to recovery.If so, I think Bryon may want to marry her. If she is thinking of marriage (she's 40) & starting a family she must be aware that drinking will DAMAGE her unborn baby Now we are talking two years down the line - you'll be 42 & not much chance to become pregnant. So hurry up, your future is in your hands. Best of luck, GEM


I went to high school with Mary and when we were in high school she was always a social climber. We stop being friends after I overheard a comment she made about me not being important enough to return a phone call I made to her over the weekend, but in my face she acted as if we were best friends. Anyway, even back then she was a bad drinker and couldn't hold her liquor. I was not surprise to hear about her arrests after being drinking.


If Bryron did humiliate her like that on public television I would have punched him too!

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