Marcia Cross Nude Pics Finally Surface

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In October 2006, Marcia Cross nude pictures were allegedly leaked when the photos - taken by her husband as she showered outdoors - were "mistakenly thrown out" with the trash and subsequently, her garbage men found them.

Figuring those pictures of Marcia Cross naked had to be worth something, the dudes shopped them around. David Hans Schmidt, the celebrity sex tape kingpin who took his own life in September 2007, ended up in possession of the photos.

Needless to say, Marcia Cross was not happy and fought the photos' release. The story died down... until now, when those very nude Marcia Cross pictures have somehow finally hit the Internets. has scored them somehow.

ABOVE: A photo of Marcia Cross nude, and showering outdoors.

As for why these pics have surfaced only now, and why they say DO NOT COPY on them, well, we have absolutely no freaking clue. But you can see the rest of the uncensored pics by following this link and heading over to Egotastic.

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only hot photos Marcia Cross


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You have to give her credit at 45 she is still a drop dead gorgeous woman you go Marcia


A better way to make $$$.


Well, she has not had a boob job and that is good.
She also allows her pubic hair to be unshaven and that is good.
She is not a phony and I applaud her for that.