Let the Jamie Lynn Spears Baby Bump Watch Begin!

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Move over, Jessica Alba. Parents-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge were spotted out and about - and it appears she's already beginning to show!

Well, maybe at least. We'll be honest, this Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge photo - screen capped from Entertainment Tonight - is blurry as hell.

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears

Rumor has it, though, that the 16-year-old, pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears is farther along than 14 weeks, the time she told the media she's been with child. The picture below may not show much, but it'll be interesting to track this story ... 

Okay, so this pic pretty much sucks and there may or may not be a Jamie Lynn Spears baby bump visible just yet. But either way, we do know three things for sure:

  1. Despite rumors that Casey is not the father, these two still seem close
  2. Lynne Spears is thinking up new ways to cash in on poor Jamie Lynn
  3. Britney Spears is straight up confused about where she is right now

WEll iM iN thE SAME SitUAtiON, i tOO AM 16 Nd PREGNANt. i thiNk PPl ShOUld jUSt lEAVE hER AlONE CUZ EVERYONE MAkES MiStAKES.. WERE ONlY hUMAN..bUt thiS MiStAkE Will ENd UP bEiNG thE bESt ONE ShES EVER MAdE BC bAbYZ ARE bEAUtifUl ANd iTS ANOthER lifE bROUGht iNtO thE WORld. i SUPPORt hER 100% !


there has been rumors that jamie was RAPED but why is she changin her story ? i think that jamie has done a really bad thing that has absolutly ruind her career im sorry jamie but YOU are like your older sister !


you guys are all right, teens make mistakes and britney's label shouldn't be pushed on jamie. but leave britney out of this. leave her alone. she needs to get better and it's never going to help if she hears all the crap about her. and "hope" don't use the words white trash. it's just stupid and offensive. so shut up.


i just can't wait till you put a pic of your baby when you have her ALWAYS JOLENE


She is just like her sister, stupid white trash. Those of you who stand up for this girl are crazy. Jamie Lynn didn't have to open her legs, she is sixteen for God's sake. Where are her parent? I love how Jamie's mom thinks she is such a good mother and wrote a book on it, then postponed the release as soon as she found out her little angel was pregant. A normal kid? I think not.


u ppl need 2 leave her alone all she did was get pregnant atleast she didnt get make a sex video. and u ppl act like she cant take care of it she has a lot of money


OMG!! Leave her alone..she's just a teenager but at least she knows who the father is unlike quite a lot of pregnant women..at least she is keeping the baby and taking respnsibility..just because Britney is messed up doesn't mean that she s..just give the poor girl a break..she's found out she's pregnant and is happy about it and how do you think she would feel about everybody putting her down?? How would YOU feel??


for gods sake people she is a teenager and she will make mistakes but @ least she has got the guts to stand proud and annonce the good news!!!! it is not her fault the problems her sis has so they shood not rub off on her and give her a bad name and as for being a bad influence on those kids that look up to her well thats crap kids need to no the reality of life and that even young celebs get pregnant u cant wrap your kids in cotten wool all their life!!!! give the poor girl a break she is young and these things will happen!!! the poor girl is about to be a mum and all u lot can do is give her earache about how her sister is a screw up so she must be the same!!!
well reality chek not all people are skrew ups like yourselves so sort it and leave her alone!!!!


WTF? people she is not the first teen to get pregnant and she not going to be the last. She is a celebrity but if you want your kids seeing a bad influence of this go to the damn mall. So just because her sister is a screw up the same image should not move on to her. I mean i rather see her pregnant and taking responsibility un like her sister, or posing nude like Hudgens so give the story and girl a break.


She's just a moron, along with her sister.

Jamie Lynn Spears Biography

Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant? Ding dang it y'all! Jamie Lynn Spears went and got cute little ass pregnant at a mere 16 years of age. The father is some guy named Casey... More »
McComb, Mississippi
Full Name
Jamie Lynn Marie Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears Quotes

More than anything, I just want this baby to have a normal life.

Jamie Lynn Spears

I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery. I was very blessed.

Jamie Lynn Spears
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