Let the Jamie Lynn Spears Baby Bump Watch Begin!

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Move over, Jessica Alba. Parents-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge were spotted out and about - and it appears she's already beginning to show!


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    wow, she is a teenager . and you say that kids look up to her and what are they supposed to think when the person they look up to is pregnant? what if they look up to thier parents and the mom is pregnant ? isnt that the same thing . people make mistakes hers was just one she cant take back she isnt the first teen pregnant nor the last. you cant compare her to her sister, she could be a totally diff person everyone was a teen once you know how you felt even if you didnt do what she did doesnt make her a slut. she just made the mistake you made yourselfs not. she is a young girl and you cant tear her down and destroy her at this age. answer this question would you want to be destroyed from a mistake YOU made ?


    My god!!! has anyone at all came to realise that these are two human biengs, i mean damn, people do what they want to > no matter what < and its just aggrevating that everyone has to judge !! get over yourselfs. Britney and Jamie Lynn are AWESOME !!


    I suggest everyone leave her alone about being pregnant at a young age.
    I'm pregnant. Just turned 15 and I'm due on May.15th


    Hey people, she's not the first teen to get pregnant, atleast she's not 12 i went to a high school for pregnant girls cuz i got pregnant when i was 17, and there was girls that were 12 and pregnant going to school there so leave Jamie alone, she has enough on her shoulders without having to worry about people's BS its so stupid


    Hi jamie it is sam another one of your fans it is really stupid that you are having a baby at the age of 16. But i am 11 years old and my mom and me also my sissters had a talk about us having a baby at 16 and we all agread to not have a baby at that age 16. Anotherthing, my friends thinks your stupid for having a baby at that age. your fan sam


    Hi Jamie it is kayla one of your fans


    Kylie, you had Sex and your only 11 now that is sick! and Meliane you are 18 of legal age. Just casue your 18 teen and pregnant. So, what. Your a legal age. Jamie Lynn ain't. I got pregnant at 16yr as well. But, you know what I don't call it a mistake. Cause thinks happen for a reason.


    It was bound to happen. The pregancy oviously was not planned but, I am sure She is thinking of the Baby. But, Now that you think of it. It sounds to me it wasn't a mistake. There is always birth control and absinence. But, She didn't use neither. Now I am confused.


    yo peoples wassup??


    she can make her own choices. its not illegal. im 11. i could have it if i wanted to. i already did have sex. my parents dont know. it doesnt matter to me.

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