Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad to Reunite on The Hills?

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Remember Kristin Cavallari, the original Laguna Beach alpha girl? Well, she has become a thing of the past as Lauren Conrad and her Laguna spin-off, The Hills, became a sensation. But it looks like we haven't seen the last of Kristin yet.

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    w/e she dnt even have a good personality soo uu can go ahead nd stop lyin... rite loosers


    I think that Kristin is a very interesting person, the other girls in the show have scare and envy.


    I hate that bitch r_r KC


    team lauren&team kristin.because both of them have th "it factor" thats good for drama.


    I think that K.C should come on the show because 1 L.C is already going through drama right now and i am with TEAM LAUREN so i really dont think that Lauren would like that.
    kristan should not have not done what she did then mabye he and Lauren would still be cool right now. But becasue she wanted to act like a bitch in stead of a friend she lost a good friend. so if you ask me Lauren does not need any friends she should just stay to herself boy and work because i have a feeling that this season coming up will be boy drama between her a boy she like and a girl that she THOUGHT was her friend .


    Kristin can do better than Lauren's silly reality show.
    Not only does she have a personality- something Lauren is severely lacking in, but she's also far prettier. Not to mention the fact that if people are going to throw names around, Lauren is the one who sleeps around, and even back in LB was the one hooking up with other people's boyfriends.
    Kristin's moved on, and for the better.


    lets ask ourselves why Lauren Conrad actually has her own show: she's very talented and has a great future in fashion, no doubt. BUT, reality television is meant to be entertainment. So what would be more entertaining: watching Heidi and Spencer be stupid or drama with a high-school archrival? That's how it works in Hollywood.


    dont bring back kristin!! lauren allll the way!!!!!


    I love Kristin and I think the show will improve a lot with her on it.
    Lauren is annoying, and incredibly boring. Think about it, what does she do other than bitch and moan every episode? Either it's Brody, or Heidi. Last season the drama with Heidi and Spencer and Audrina and Justin was the whole show...Lauren was boring and didn't contribute anything expect for whining.

    Kristin is entertaining and fun and I think she'll make it way better. Plus, maybe it will cause Lauren to actually do something interesting to watch.


    F**** K.C
    Hes just a jealous biatch !!!!
    Just cuz no one has offered her a good movie role, now she wants to come on to the HIlls. Well hell no! LC is way hotter than her, she just dreses with style, not slutty like KC. Has anybody seen Lc in a bathing suit. Shes smoking hot! So ya Kc is pretty n all, but with no talent,. So hunny get a life and leave LC with her show.,

    Team LC all the way

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