Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo Caught in the Act!

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We've been reporting since early this week that Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are supposedly together. Well, you can officially chalk this up as a fact, and not mere celebrity gossip, thanks to a new video of the couple from TMZ!

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo - the hot Dallas Cowboys quarterback who has also been linked to Carrie Underwood, Sophia Bush and Alli Sims - hitched a ride on a jet at Love Field in Dallas late last night and headed to Hollywood.

They landed at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

Despite their high profiles, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson have gone out of their way to avoid being seen together. The pair reportedly spent Thanksgiving dinner together last week with her pimp father, Joe Simpson, and family in Texas.

 Tony Romo looks to spread the field and hit new tight end Jessica Simpson.

Jessica, who has been in search of a man who's not a douche ever since she dumped Nick Lachey, appears to have found it in Tony, who has firmly established himself as the second-best QB in the NFL - and celebrity news world - after Tom Brady.

Tony Romo's Cowboys beat the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night. Word has it Jessica Simpson will getting into formation as Romo's tight end (haha) on Sunday.


you are my future husband i think you and jessica are not cutte cuple me and you are would fall in love with you if you were bye me love your one in only samantha


#@tony~romo#@ is so ficken hot and sexy i would marry him i have dreams of him i will fall i love with you tony romo im your fan


i think tony is making bad decisions in grls jessica is trash and just trying to become a fake carrie underwood, comeon she has blond hair again and shes putting out a country album thats a load of crap. comon tony! ur extremely talented dont waste your time w/ jessica


I think they make a cute couple hopefully it will last... If not Jessica will have to find another young cutie. But I am a big fan of the Cowboys and I think they lost the game last nite because Tony got some ass! They couldve won if he they just waited till after the game.....


carrie is beautiful and classy. jessica is an easy piece of ass...Romo couldn't commit to carrie cause carrie is a good girl thats why romo wants jessica's ass cause its a sure thang!! she made a mistake leaving nick because she should have worked out her problems with him instead she wanted to go out and whore around and now she is alone does she homestly think Romo is in to stay for the long run...if thats what he wanted he'd be with carrie right now...he is a player and jessica is going to get played cause she's a whore


I like Tony he is a great QB smart guy,I also like jessica ,but i just dont think there a very good couple but thats what i think thats because i liked Carrie Underwood now they made a cute couple but then again who are we to judge then maybe they love each other or trying things out let them be happy poor girl she is due to some happiness.


OMG i dont know what the hell is wrong with him, They refer to this girl as a blonde bomb shell please!!!!!! She is so stupid and annoying i cant believe he would go so low and date someone like her someone who has no talent and needs to sleep with someone with fame so that she could get in the spot light and get some attention.Stupid whore the only thing that helps her is the people that she sleeps with her easy ass. Its so funny seeing nick and vanessa together and poor littlle Jessica all alone. She seems like a lost dog wondering who will pick her stray ass!


Good luck to them. They look great together. I prefer Tony than Nick. Nick has a sly look about him whereas Tony seems very sincere.


love jess nomatter who she's datin!!



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They're just the cutest couple in the world. They are adorable. Anybody would wish to be them and you can only wish them well. Just being around them inspires love and everything I sing about.

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