Jamie Spears Livid at Lynne Spears For Cashing in

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Jamie Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears' father, is livid with his ex-wife Lynne Spears' decision to cash-in on their 16-year-old daughter's pregnancy.

NOTE: Yes, you read that correctly - Jamie Lynn Spears' parents are Jamie and Lynne. Talk about scarring a kid for life from day one. Anyway.

Jamie Spears "did not spend Christmas with Lynne or Jamie Lynn and instead stayed at home and went to work," a Spears family source tells Us Weekly.

"He doesn't get a dime from his daughters ... He busts his ass to take care of himself. That's why he's so furious at [Lynne] Spears for her behavior."

Jamie Spears is the seldom-seen father of Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears.

Jamie Spears has been working long hours as a private chef to make a living while ex-wife Lynne, as Us Weekly reports in its latest issue, arranged a $1 million deal with OK! Magazine for the story of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy and pics down the line.

Lynne Spears also receives a percentage of her daughters' salaries.

Celebrity news sources report, per a source close to the family, that Jamie Spears "refused to take any money and 'profit off of his children.'"

Jamie has recently seen his grandchildren, Sean Preston and Jayden James, the sons of Britney Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federline, however.


He should take his wife back to court and get custody of Jamie. She is a minor and it can be done. SHe has shown lack of parenting skills and she user her daughters to get money! She should be ashamed of herself and he should seek a lawyer


What money does to people ... you blame the mother only the mother plays a big part of her girls growing up. She only see's dollar $$ signs when she looks at her two daughters. You lost them thats how you made them and you pay for it at the end. If only she left them and grow up to be like normal girls.


Too bad Mr. Spears didn't step in with some of that conventional wisdom earlier when it could have done his girls some good. Sounds like Lynne Spears is driven by greed. Sad.


Is it true that Jamie is pregant? if you someone knows go to my site www.prefectsmile-x.piczo.com , thanks


the question going around is ''will jamie lynne spears end up like her big sister brittney.most people said no at first but or changing there ansers.i am for sure.jamie lynne is to yong to be having a baby.pluse she plays a responcable teenager on her show''zoey 101''if they keep airing they will send kids the wrong message and childeren will think that kind of behaveoir is normal!

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