Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant For Real This Time

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Britney Spears' 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is pregnant. According to many celebrity news sources, the father is some dude named Casey Aldridge.

Reps for Jamie Lynn Spears, star of the recently canned Nickelodeon show Zoey 101, were not available for comment. But Nickelodeon said in a statement:

"We respect Jamie Lynn Spears' decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn's well being."

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant at 16. Seriously.

Jamie Lynn Spears has been recently dating - and apparently doing, without using protection - 19-year-old Mississippi native Casey Aldridge. She has been spending most of her time with her mom, Lynne Spears, in their hometown of Kentwood, La.

Britney Spears, who is twice divorced and who was pregnant with Sean Preston at 23 and Jayden James at 24, is a terrific role model residing in Los Angeles.

Wow. Just wow. Who would have guessed the National Enquirer was so prescient when it made up this same story and proclaimed Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant back in July!

Guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the trashy, fertile tree.


Okay, this is CRAZY.
Hopefully, Jamie Lynn won't take 'The Britney Path'.


why is this such a big deal, its not sad at all! its not like she's gonna have a hard time SUPPORTING the kid! she is lucky to have a kid at a young age without the worry of it ruining her life


I feel as though Jamie Spears is being very responcible for her action yeah we all know she is young at the age of 16 years old were having fun at the movies and mall but then again there are relationships that we are involved in and then there is sex a major peer pressure especially when being in a relationship and at the same time a teenager so when you are sexually active its not just about having sex but there are consequences and this happens to be one of them and she is doing the right thing and owning up to it.


Hi Jamie, I hope your feeling well and not listening to all the negative press. You are carrying a life and life is never a mistake. My heart goes out to you and your sister. People can be cruel, just remember one thing at the end of the day theres only a certain amount of people you can trust whole heartedly and that is your family....hang in there and good luck. pat from CT


Honestly people,
hundreds on teens get pregnant alll the time
so what, she made a immature mistake
but shes facing it and moving on,
good luck to you Jamie.!


I, being a freshman in college, feel like someone as big of a role model as Jamie and Brittney were, they should feel a little more influential on other people. No, having a child at 16 does not make Jamie a whore, however, she should have made better judgment by using the proper protection. It was irresponsible. She is just now driving and can't even sign papers for herself. It was not a smart thing to do, especially being in the public eye. As for Brittney, She's a joke. I am sorry I ever listened to her music and even looked up to her. That was a mistake!!


Well i heard this rumor all day,
shes not pregnant, and if she was,
so what yeah shes young but its her life,
and just cause she is famous shouldnt make a difference. When your famous sure you have to be careful what you do, because you know it will be all over the news the next day, but who are we to judge if someone is as young as jamie lynns spears got pregant, shes not a whore, shes not trailer trash, shes a normal person like all of us, sure its not a good example for children but i still have alot of respect for her, and all yall who are blaming it on her older sister, jamie is her own person, yes she proabaly gets advice from brittany but shes 16, shes old enough to make her own desicions. so seriously stop judging people,
thanks adios.


your goin'
to be just
like your sister!!..


its a sad situation all around, but leave this poor girl, and her big sis alone. enough already


I think Jamie did the right thing keeping her baby. Who cares what u ppl out there think. She has enough money to take care of her kid. So wat is the problem cause she is a teenager. Who cares. U ppl would have rather her get an abortion. Also stop blaming her mother. Most of u kno for damm sure when u first had sex ur parents had no clue. My only hope is Jamie does listen to all u ppl damm ass comments. Her career is not over either. To me I respect her more. Also she is very talented so a baby will not get in the way of that. All u ppl were hating on Britney but she is still making milliions. SO the same will happen for Jamie lynn. Thank you

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Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant?
Ding dang it y'all! Jamie Lynn Spears went and got cute little ass pregnant at a mere 16 years of age. The father is some guy named Casey... More »
McComb, Mississippi
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Jamie Lynn Marie Spears

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More than anything, I just want this baby to have a normal life.

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I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery. I was very blessed.

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