Holly Madison: Pose in Playboy, Jennifer Love Hewitt!

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Holly Madison is certainly doing a great job proving that blondes - and Playboy models - are far from dumb.

The number-one girlfriend of Hugh Hefner was recently asked about the rumor that Jennifer Love Hewitt was asked to pose for the magazine. Here's Madison's response to TV Guide:

You know, they always say, "Hef wants this" and "Hef wants that," but honestly he's not really that involved in the whole "pursuing celebrities" aspect of the magazine. If I asked him this morning [about Jennifer Love Hewitt], he would have no clue what I was talking about.

But would it be fun to see her in the pages of Playboy, Holly?

Absolutely! She has the perfect body for it.

See, just because Madison had light-colored hair and large breasts doesn't mean she isn't an intelligent gal. Of course Jennifer Love Hewitt should pose in Playboy!

Alycia Lane, as has also been rumored? Not so much.


she playboy is like you and happy. sexy girla the funny. make want will be sexy playboy.


Holly is a very busy and talent girl. She is now in Los Angeles working very hard to make a special mold of her vaginia for Criss Angel. She wants to make him something special for his upcoming birthday. I have read that for Criss’ birthday she is going to go the extra mile and not only make a chocolate mold of her vagina like she did for Hef but she is going to make a chocolate mold of her FAKE boobs for Criss. Criss’ Mom is beaming with the fact this this could be her future Daughter in Law. Holly your an inspiration to all the young girls out there. Don’t use your mind ladies learn to make chocolate molds of your vagina.


Hey Holly!
You are a women whit a big heart.
I love to see at the playboy mancen.
Becaus you are a women that can do everything in life.
I look up to you so much and i just love to se you on tv.
You make the tv to a star.
You are a so biig women and I am proud of you.
Take care from a Swediz Girl I just love you and good luck in life


Holly is the bomb- wish her the best


Sandy is right!
Hugh Hefner publicity stunts are over the top.
The older he gets the more stunts he plays.
Just wait until he is 100 years old we will see
100 Hugh Hefner Publicity Stunts Everyday/


Hef wants this, Hef wants that, Holly and Hef are just publicity seeking celebrity name dropping idiots. Hugh Hefner publicity stunts are the biggest joke in the world. They live on the e network and the magazine lives in the trash can.


Hey can i lick your vagina??

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